Chapter 331: Purple Sun Sect, I’m Not Interested

Chapter 331: Purple Sun Sect, I’m Not Interested

Liu Wencai didn’t say anything as he stood off to the side. He looked at Jiang Chen noncommittally. I wonder how will this secular genius choose?

Jiang Chen suddenly laughed and turned to Dan Fei, “Brother Xiao Fei, what would you do if someone tried to recruit you using this kind of tune?”

Dan Fei smirked. She was very familiar with Jiang Chen’s background and naturally knew of his grudge with Long Juxue. She even understood more than anyone that Jiang Chen and the Purple Sun Sect would never walk the same path.

“Forgive me for being blunt, but recruiting in this manner is being too full of it. Beneath these heavens, our sixteen kingdom alliance occupies but only a piece of sky that is the size of a hand. Some people like to strut around in their superiority here, but they’re just demonstrating the very reason why they are stuck at the bottom of the well. They don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

Dan Fei’s words added fuel to the flames and closed off all possible areas for negotiation.

Jiang Chen flicked a glance at Dan Fei upon hearing these words. This fellow is rather quick-witted, he knows to answer according to my thoughts.

Liu Wencai was also slightly surprised to hear these words. He’d only paid attention to the secular champion before, but hadn’t thought that this candidate number two also possessed quite a personality.

This was rather interesting.

These words were an obvious slap to Guo Ren’s face. He’d always thought highly of himself and styled himself as the first genius of the mystic quadrant, lord of above all with no one worthy of his gaze.

Now that he was stuck on his cocky pedestal with thanks to these two secular disciples, Liu Wencai felt greatly satisfied and that this was such a wonderfully gleeful day.

Jiang Chen said faintly, “Brother Guo, this brother Xiao Fei’s attitude is basically my attitude. As the saying goes, a dissidence of opinions makes even a single word a waste of breath. Have a good day.”

Jiang Chen had no good feelings towards Purple Sun Sect disciples at all. It was already a great restraint on his part that he hadn’t burst out cursing vulgarities at them.

Guo Ren knew that this secular disciple had some abilities and so could be arrogant, but he hadn’t thought that when he, the first seed, personally took to the field, he would receive such cold treatment and even got mocked at!

“Brother, is this your attitude against my Purple Sun Sect?” Guo Ren’s tone grew cold.

“Firstly, you don’t represent the Purple Sun Sect. Secondly, Brother Xiao Fei is right, you are a frog at the bottom of a well. You only know of the Purple Sun Sect beneath these heavens, and don’t know that there is no limit to this universe. Lastly, I’m not interested in the Purple Sun Sect.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly and floated away, leaving behind a flushed Guo Ren shaking in his rage.

This was the outcome that Liu Wencai was most delighted to see. It was more exciting to see Guo Ren act the fool than he himself winning a hundred times in a row.

He chuckled before turning to leave.

Fire spat out from Guo Ren’s eyes as he stared fixedly at Jiang Chen’s departing figure. If looks could kill, he would’ve killed Jiang Chen a thousand times over.

“Senior brother Guo, this kid doesn’t appreciate favors. Although he has potential, he’s still courting death.”

“Indeed, senior brother Guo, he’s just a cocky secular disciple. No need to pay him any mind. So what if he had 25 straight victories in a row? He’s just lucky in that he didn’t select any candidates in the top ten. If he landed in your hands, this kid would absolutely be tortured to death!”

Guo Ren felt a bit better as his entourage fawned up to him for a bit, but he didn’t lose his rationality because of this.

He was well aware that if he truly met this cocky secular disciple in battle, he may not have the greatest shot of winning.

This fellow’s strength was already at a throne level. Otherwise, with Guo Ren’s personality, he would’ve never personally recruited someone.

It was because he wasn’t confident in defeating Jiang Chen that he’d thought of recruiting the latter by using his identity as the first seed and the Purple Sun Sect’s reputation to bring Jiang Chen under control.

It was a pity that with all of his scheming, he hadn’t known that the person he wanted to recruit hated the Purple Sun Sect to the point of that he would not even share a bed pan with them!

“Humph, cocky secular disciples are like those who suddenly come into great wealth. He can enjoy momentary glory that he has right now but it won’t last long. Even if he makes it to the earth spirit quadrant, there are geniuses aplenty there and there will naturally be someone who will torture and step on him. How dare a mere mundane ant disdain my sect?! He’s courting death!”

Guo Ren bit off his words as he waved his hand and left with his group. He was already planning on how to move against this arrogant prick.

He absolutely didn’t want someone challenging his position of first seed in the mystic quadrant.

On their way back to the residence, Dan Fei smiled, “Brother Boulder, was my response too much just now?”

“Too much? I rather feel that you weren’t savage enough.” Jiang Chen laughed.

“Heh heh, so I was not savage enough? Then if that fellow bothers us again, I’ll be even more vicious.”

Jiang Chen asked, “Aren’t you afraid of offending the Purple Sun Sect?”

Dan Fei chuckled, “Your genius outstrips my talents and you have a far greater potential. Since you’re not afraid, what I should be afraid of? Besides, the Purple Sun Sect isn’t my top choice.”

Jiang Chen grew curious, “Then what is your first choice?”

Dan Fei was stumped by this question as she became lost in thought, “What is my choice?”

She actually had long since come to an answer to this question. She was here not for the four sects as she would always be Ye Chonglou’s disciple.

She was here only because of one decision. She wanted to follow Jiang Chen and witness his rise.

However, how could she possibly voice her thoughts right now?

She laughed lightly after a long while, “All will right itself when the moment comes. I’m rather curious, what is your first choice?”

Jiang Chen paused and said openly, “If I am to speak of my first choice, that would be the Precious Tree Sect. However, I’ve never spoken of this with anyone. I feel that we’ve hit it off, so I don’t mind telling you.”

Dan Fei started and thought, the Precious Tree Sect alright.

They pushed opened the door to their residence to discover that none of the other sect disciples had returned. It looked like they were purposefully avoiding Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had enjoyed the limelight greatly in today’s battles and he had been undefeated. These sect disciples were naturally afraid of running into Jiang Chen.

Particularly Cheng Lan, with the condition of his older cousin being unknown after his beating, he had no desire to come back and see Jiang Chen.

What could he do even if he came back anyways? Even his cousin hadn’t been able to fight Jiang Chen, would he be able to exact any revenge with his abilities?

Dan Fei smiled, “These fellows look like they’ve been scared out of their wits. It’s best if they don’t come back, things will be quieter for us anyways.”

Jiang Chen didn’t care either way if these fellows came back or not. He practiced the Boulder’s Heart and could tune out the world around him. He had no fear of being disturbed by them.

He pushed open the door to return to his room and saw that Dan Fei was dithering over whether or not to enter. He laughed, “What are you hemming and hawing around about? Are you afraid that I’ll beat you?”

Dan Fei chuckled, “I got scared by your order to leave yesterday.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help laugh as he thought of yesterday’s happenings. Candidate number two had entered his room then and had been swept out the door with “your room isn’t this one”.

Come to think of it, it was rather weird. After having interacted with each other for a day, Jiang Chen felt much more kindly towards this candidate number two. He somehow felt that they were already quite familiar with each other.

Perhaps it’s because candidate number two’s actions were up my alley?

This was indeed the case when he thought about it. When they’d bumped into Cheng Zhen’s provocation at the Arena, candidate number two hadn’t withdrawn, but had chosen instead to place himself in Jiang Chen’s camp.

When he’d won in the ring, this fellow had ignored the looks of those around him and publicly cheered and applauded.

When Guo Ren had come to throw his weight around, he hadn’t submitted to the Purple Sun Sect’s despotic power and had chosen to side with Jiang Chen instead.

This kind of accord had resulted in Jiang Chen’s basic acceptance of this person.

When Dan Fei saw that Jiang Chen hadn’t sent her on her way, she knew that her new character had won Jiang Chen’s acceptance. She was also gratified by this.

In that moment, she rather felt that this new identity was quite interesting. She could say many and do many of things that she couldn’t usually.

“Brother Boulder, to be honest, the Purple Sun Sect may truly be most with your martial dao potential. Even though the Precious True Sect is good, it is still far inferior to the Purple Sun Sect in terms of martial dao heritage.” Dan Fei brought up this topic.

Jiang Chen chuckled, “The gain or loss of a day or night matters not on the path of martial dao. I have my reasons for ranking the Precious Tree Sect first.”

“What reason?” Dan Fei purposefully laughed with a light tone. “I’ve heard that the Purple Sun Sect has taken in a new genius disciple who’s a stunning beauty, they call her Long Juxue or something. She has an innate constitution and apparently all the disciples of the four great sects are striving their utmost to become her cultivation partner. With your talents, you would be in a favored position if you joined the Purple Sun Sect.”

Dan Fei purposefully spoke thus and laughed herself as well.

Jiang Chen started and shot a look as sharp as a blade towards Dan Fei. Has this fellow guessed my identity in his sudden mention of Long Juxue?

However, upon closer sensing, he couldn’t feel any malicious intent. He smiled wryly inwardly at his suspicions.

“Brother Boulder, are you mad?” Dan Fei couldn’t help but ask when she saw Jiang Chen sweep a glance over herself but didn’t say anything.

Jiang Chen said lightly, “Brother Xiao Fei, you should’ve played along with that Guo Ren just now if you’re interested in Long Juxue. Now that you’ve thoroughly offended the Purple Sun Sect, you’ve also blocked your own path in pursuing Long Juxue.”

“Heh heh, I have a clear estimation of myself and don’t have that kind of ambition. Not to mention that Long Juxue has a cluster of admirers around her. It may not be a good thing for whoever eventually ends up with her, wouldn’t you say so, brother Boulder?”

Jiang Chen was noncommittal. He truly wasn’t that interested in the topic of long Juxue.

“Brother Boulder, can I ask you a question?” Dan Fei gathered up her courage to ask.

“What is it?” Jiang Chen felt it slightly odd and felt that Xiao Fei was likely someone wet behind the ears as he would talk about these matters in a very lively fashion. It was apparent that his temperament wasn’t mature enough.

However, Jiang Chen’s mental defenses relaxed slightly when he saw that the other was like a child.

“I wanted to ask that since brother Boulder has such stunning potential, do you… do you have someone that you care for, ever since you’ve embarked on your path of cultivation?” Dan Fei was blushing furiously behind the mask as she asked this question.

If it hadn’t been for the mask, her expression would be the epitome of shyness right now.

She had gathered up all her courage and used the dual cover of the mask and her identity to ask this question. She only felt completely drained of strength after speaking and could barely keep herself upright.

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