Chapter 328: A Small World Between Enemies

Chapter 328: A Small World Between Enemies

When the Flowing Wind Sect disciple was thrown off stage, one could have argue that it happened because he’d underestimated his opponent and hadn’t been fully prepared.

But the same couldn’t be said about Iron Chuanfeng, and what of him? The same result!

The same fate had befallen him without any tricks, or any beating about the bush. It’d even looked like Iron Chuanfeng had put himself forth willingly to accept the blow.

This scene was simply too bizarre.

Those who couldn’t keep themselves from jeering earlier found that they’d once again been slapped in the face. Pa pa pa. Clean and crisp slaps.

They all felt as disgusted as though they’d eaten flies.

They could curse at the Flowing Wind Sect disciple as trash, but Iron Chuanfeng was a second level candidate and of the Iron family in the Precious Tree Sect. He absolutely wasn’t trash.

The disciples who had been irresponsibly making sarcastic remarks all had to admit that they likely truly had underestimated this secular disciple.

It looked like they needed to sincerely reflect on their prejudices towards secular disciples as a whole after this....

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