Chapter 327: Defeat with A Single Blow, a Dominating Jiang Chen

Chapter 327: Defeat with A Single Blow, a Dominating Jiang Chen

The jeers and mockery continuously rang out from beneath the ring. They all harbored extremely malicious intentions, using techniques to directly transmit their jeering to Jiang Chen’s ring.

It was obvious that they were doing this on purpose to Jiang Chen. Their goal was to strike a heavy blow to his confidence and destroy his dao heart as a champion of the first selection.

These sect disciples were mostly unkind folk.

As the champion of the first selection, Jiang Chen did indeed have a very eye catching title and naturally became the sect disciples’ primary target.

The Flowing Wind Sect disciple truly did laugh when he saw Jiang Chen use the “Obscure Seal”.

He knew that secular disciples were pathetic, lacking in resources and techniques, but he hadn’t thought that they’d be this poor.

The “Obscure Seal” was akin to the most rudimentary technique for a three year old, something that everyone had to learn.

You’re using such crude techniques against me, a sect disciple?

The Flowing Wind Sect disciple was already figuring out how to use the most devastating method possible to...

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