Chapter 327: Defeat with A Single Blow, a Dominating Jiang Chen

Chapter 327: Defeat with A Single Blow, a Dominating Jiang Chen

The jeers and mockery continuously rang out from beneath the ring. They all harbored extremely malicious intentions, using techniques to directly transmit their jeering to Jiang Chen’s ring.

It was obvious that they were doing this on purpose to Jiang Chen. Their goal was to strike a heavy blow to his confidence and destroy his dao heart as a champion of the first selection.

These sect disciples were mostly unkind folk.

As the champion of the first selection, Jiang Chen did indeed have a very eye catching title and naturally became the sect disciples’ primary target.

The Flowing Wind Sect disciple truly did laugh when he saw Jiang Chen use the “Obscure Seal”.

He knew that secular disciples were pathetic, lacking in resources and techniques, but he hadn’t thought that they’d be this poor.

The “Obscure Seal” was akin to the most rudimentary technique for a three year old, something that everyone had to learn.

You’re using such crude techniques against me, a sect disciple?

The Flowing Wind Sect disciple was already figuring out how to use the most devastating method possible to torture this secular champion out of the ring.

However, these thoughts didn’t remain in his head for long, as in the next moment, his expression changed.

The flaming hand seal actually became a sea of flames within the span of a breath, roaring at him from all sides.

When he wanted to strike a stance and defend himself, he discovered that the air around him had suddenly all seemed to be set afire, all burning up in flames.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

No matter how far he backed up, he found that he was unable to fully retreat out of the range of this ocean of fire.

One move was enough to dominate everything beneath the skies.


The frightening hand seal slammed into the Flowing Wind Sect disciple’s chest like a charging bull.

An arc was transcribed through the air towards to the ground in the next second, accompanied by a ghastly scream that ended in a thud.

One move. A vaunted sect disciple had been defeated in a second by a secular disciple, using the crude technique that they’d completely looked down upon.

Some of the other sect disciples in the audience were even midway through a jeer, but the battle scene in front of them stoppered their mouths up like a large mantou. They were left tongue tied, unable to voice a single word.

Face slapping, this was true face slapping!

The irrefutable truth in front of them was the most direct and harshest way of slapping their faces before their mockery had even finished.

These fellows all felt their faces burn.

As they burned with humiliation, they were also uncommonly shocked.

Was this an ordinary disciple? He’d used one move, a seemingly ordinary “Obscure Seal”, to completely defeat a sect disciple. 

Defeating a sect disciple wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. The extraordinary part was that he’d used only one move in a single second. The impact of this absolute advantage was simply too great for the sect disciples beneath the stage.

Although that unlucky bastard had only been of the third level just now, how weak could any of those who had made it to this time’s selection be?

There were countless disciples amongst the four great sects and only a few thousand had been selected to join. Which one of them weren’t the cream of the crop? Which one hadn’t triumphed over scores of opponents within the sects before receiving the right to come to this legacy territory of ancient times?

However, he’d been defeated, and been defeated in a very humiliating way.

There were many ways in which one could be defeated. This was without a doubt, one of the worst ways.

All sorts of jeering and mockery had flown Jiang Chen’s way before the match, but they had all been silenced in a second. The obvious display of the enormous gulf between the two was a sure-fire way to lose the most face in defeat.

However, beneath the stage, Dan Fei was highly agitated, her heart pounding fiercely. She had simulated this scene in her mind countless times.

This scene had finally stepped out from the fantasies and taken place right in front of her.

“Jiang Chen, the lordmaster wasn’t wrong about you alright. He once said to me that you would soar to the skies in this selection, and that all the sect disciples would bow their heads in front of you. I’d always felt that the honored tutor was overshooting the truth. But now, it seems that it was my vision that was limited compared to the lordmaster. You lifted an ordinary ‘Obscure Seal’ to new heights and gave birth to such a vision. What kind of perverse, gifted powers of comprehension are these?”

Dan Fei’s martial dao potential was actually quite strong. Although it wasn’t up to Jiang Chen’s level, but given the old tutor’s personal tutelage, her comprehension of martial dao was naturally not weak.

She naturally knew that those could give rise to such phenomena from an ordinary technique were all geniuses with perverse levels of comprehension.

In the levels of martial arts techniques, this was the legendary realm, the highest level of comprehension.

If Dan Fei could understand this, then the other cultivators present could also understand this. Therefore, the examiner was also greatly shocked.

In that singular move, the examiner seemed to see the shadow of a genius move in front of him.

This kind of comprehension ability was absolutely at the legendary realm.

“Indeed, the ordinary world isn’t as worthless as rumored. First, there was Long Juxue’s constitution, and now this champion of the first selection who lives up to his reputation. His comprehension of the ‘Obscure Seal’ alone is far in excess of the usual sect disciples’. This champion is worthy of expectation.”

The examiner also came to this initial conclusion in his mind.

“Do you wish to continue your challenge?” The examiner asked Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded. He'd finally received this chance and would naturally continue.

“Alright, your second opponent is of the second level, Iron Chuanfeng from the Precious Tree Sect.”

Iron Chuanfeng? Precious Tree Sect?

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth twitched. Could it be such a coincidence that he’d run into an Iron family disciple? This was enemies seeing red when they met!

Although his opponent didn’t recognize him, Jiang Chen grew irritated when he thought of Iron Can’s ugly face.

Dan Fei also couldn’t help but smile beneath the elevated ring. What a small world that he’d run into the Iron family disciples in the ring.

It looked like Iron Chuanfeng’s unlucky day had arrived.

However, he obviously didn’t feel this way at the moment. Although he wasn’t in the direct line of descendant in the Iron family, he was still of a notable family in the Precious Tree Sect and so thought quite highly of himself.

“Kid, I don’t know what methods you used just now, but there’s no prestige in defeating a useless trash of the Flowing Wind Sect. I, Iron Chuanfeng, am from an aristocratic family in the Precious Tree Sect. I’m on a different level compared to that riff raff. You’re unlucky that you got me!”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, “So noisy!”

The Iron family all seemed to have a bad habit, and that was a love for running their mouths.

This Iron Chuanfeng was obviously a stellar member of his family, he also couldn’t stop talking. He’d also learned the arrogance and surefire cockiness of his family in spades.

However, Jiang Chen had even given Iron Dazhi a beating. What did he care about an Iron Chuanfeng?

He took a step forward and raised his arm, creating another flabbergasting scene.

Jiang Chen repeated his move from earlier and sent out another “Obscure Seal of Life and Death”.

He’d used the same move in the same ring with a different opponent. He’d even used the same posture and aura when delivering his blow.

This made all those observing the match so surprised that their eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets.

Everyone knew that in matches between cultivators, the biggest taboo of all was using the same move repeatedly.

Particularly in fights between experts, if one used the same move too many times, it would certainly be seen through by the opponent. This was akin to picking up a rock to smash it down on one’s own foot.

He’d used that move to defeat the Flowing Wind Sect disciple just now, and had repeated himself when faced with the even stronger Iron Chuanfeng.

As crude as the techniques the secular disciples had, they shouldn’t be this poor, right? He didn’t even have another technique to use?

The sect disciples started hollering and booing again.

Those who had been mocking before once again ran their mouths. Although they really wanted to hold things in and not say anything, they still couldn’t help but say a few sarcastic things.

“He’s got no more tricks to play, how laughable!”

“So pathetic. I thought he was really something when he defeated the Flowing Wind Sect disciples, it looks like that’s the only thing he knows.”

“When one repeats a technique too often, it will always been seen through. It seems this is all the secular champion is good for. I'm going to predict that he’ll be thoroughly tortured into defeat by Iron Chuanfeng.”

“Heh heh, so this means that the differences between the secular disciples and the sect disciples are all encompassing. Not only are they poor in resources, but the difference in methods and knowledge are also fatal as well.”

Even the examiner frowned when Jiang Chen made his move.

“Has the secular champion not practiced any other techniques before? Has no one ever taught him anything? The greatest taboo of all is to repeat the same technique.”

Beneath the stage, Dan Fei was at ease and indifferent. If there was anyone fully confident in Jiang Chen right now, that was Dan Fei.

This was because she knew his identity and knew of his past glories. Even a genius like Iron Dazhi had tasted defeat at Jiang Chen’s hands, much less than an Iron Chuanfeng of a collateral line?

With her knowledge of Jiang Chen, there was meaning to him repeating the same method. This was to awe his opponent as well as express his contempt.

This move embodied the disdain that Jiang Chen had for the Iron family.

Iron Chuanfeng was also greatly enraged as he charged forward, “Kid, you’re looking to die by repeating the same move!”

The words “same move!” had just sounded when Jiang Chen’s hands suddenly moved as gently as the willow tree’s branches.

Iron Chuanfeng suddenly felt like he was enveloped in an irresistible whirlpool, tugging him to and fro, making him stumble over his feet.

How would he know that Jiang Chen had combined magnetic power into this whirlpool? A seal disturbed the air and formed a forcefield.

Iron Chuanfeng was like a marionette in this regard, his body no longer under his control.

Such an incredible scene was painted right in front of everyone’s eyes.

Iron Chuanfeng’s body seemed to move towards Jiang Chen of its own volition, sending himself right into that enormous hand seal.

The seal deeply indented itself onto Iron Chuanfeng’s chest, leaving behind a large imprint on his chest.

The enormous force surged forward relentlessly and Iron Chuanfeng fell helplessly down from the ring like a broken kite.


The incredible thud when his body crashed into the ground shook everyone as well, making their hearts spasm violently. 

The same ring, the same move. Another unlucky bastard had been sent off stage.

Everyone in the audience sucked a breath in as a look of shock and contemplation appeared on even the examiner’s face.

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