Chapter 326:

Chapter 326: [Title at the End]

Jiang Chen remained where he was, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t paying attention to the outside world.

His Psychic’s Head had been in continual operation all along, and he could feel unfriendly looks shoot towards him from all directions.

He didn’t even need to look to know that it was the Cheng brothers and their henchmen.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen heard Master Fang announce a name that he was more familiar with — Han Xianke.

Han Xianke was one of the disciples of the Precious Tree Sect, and he had even fought with Jiang Chen for a bit regarding the matter of the Five Winged Lesser Dragon during Ye Chonglou’s birthday banquet. However, friendship grew from an exchange of blows and Han Xianke had actually become quite loyal to Jiang Chen. He’d even wanted to become Jiang Chen’s follower.

When they met again in the capital of the Skylaurel Kingdom, Han Xianke had even helped Tang Long’s little brother, making his symptoms vanish with medicine.

Although Han Xianke had the temper of a sect disciple, he wasn’t a bad sort and he at least was someone who kept his...

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