Chapter 324: The Hundred Challenges Arena

Chapter 324: The Hundred Challenges Arena

A night passed. Jiang Chen opened his eyes to revel in the feeling of a new day as sunlight streamed into his room.

The morning sunshine and mountain breeze gave one a very homely feeling. However, each candidate also knew that the true challenge had arrived.

Jiang Chen had also seen some success after practicing the “Nine Transformations” for a night. When he had first called upon the essence of metal power and focused it onto his skin, he’d only felt a slight pricking pain.

This pain wasn’t noticeable at first, but as his training deepened, it felt like tens of thousands of embroidery needles were constantly stabbing into his skin.

Although this level of pain wasn’t enough to cause someone to break down, it still didn’t feel good by any means.

Jiang Chen was someone who could endure pain very well, and he didn’t even crease his brow when continuing to use the essence of metal power in order to further refine his skin.

As time went on, his skin grew used to the tempering from the essence of metal and the sensation of pain slowly decreased.

He knew...

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