Chapter 323: Increase in Armor Level, Art of Refining the Body

Chapter 323: Increase in Armor Level, Art of Refining the Body

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t scared by these circumstances. On the contrary, he was rather excited. He’d previously been worried that the sect disciples would be too incompetent, and wouldn’t present him any challenge at all.

It looked like he’d thought about it too much.

Since there were already fourth level spirit realm disciples in the mystic quadrant, then there were surely geniuses with astounding talent in the higher levels.

Jiang Chen’s blood boiled slightly when he thought about the challenges ahead of him.

He also looked forward to this kind of a feeling. This was an experience that he hadn’t had in his past life; it was something unique to cultivators. And although he was well read in theories and knowledge, he’d still only been a bystander on the path of the martial dao.

“I used my aura to suppress senior brother Cheng just now, and also deployed some techniques to control one’s consciousness. It looks like the effects were quite good. Senior brother Cheng lost his sense of self, and wasn’t able to control both his motions and his words. That means this technique wasn’t just meant to suppress someone...

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