Chapter 322: Now Who’s Boss?

Chapter 322: Now Who’s Boss?

No matter how incisive one’s words were, they weren’t as convincing as a pair of iron fists.

No threats were as direct as directly threatening one’s life.

That senior brother Cheng, who’d been overweeningly arrogant just moments before, was completely frightened out of his senses. He felt that his spirit ocean would collapse at any time and was truly scared out of his mind.

When it dawned on him that this pressure came from the ordinary disciple in front of him, there was no doubt that he had been shocked senseless and almost peed his pants.

His face was ashen as he stammered, “Your… your word is law.”

“Louder, I can’t hear you!” Jiang Chen purposefully raised his voice.

Senior brother Cheng almost wanted to cry but had to raise his voice, “Your… your word is law. From today onwards, your word is law in this yard!”

“Who’s going to live in the northern room?” Jiang Chen asked again.

“I’ll live in it.” Senior brother Cheng was completely humiliated, but he didn’t dare not answer.

“Who’s inferior? Who’s the trash? Who’s a dog?” Jiang Chen continued.

Senior brother Cheng completely broke down as he sobbed, “Me, it’s me!”

This exchange of words completely stunned the other disciples in the yard. They were all shellshocked as they couldn’t believe their eyes. Was this really senior brother Cheng?

He was this weak in front of a secular disciple and had lost his composure so?!

Was this still the senior brother Cheng that they admired and who was loftily on high?

Jiang Chen smiled faintly as he retracted his aura and shouted, “Get the hell out of here. Your five rules were quite nice, so now I’m commandeering those as well. The six of you are my servants starting from today. You must answer when I call for you. You can resist, but don’t blame me for not reminding you that the price of fighting back will be ten thousand times worse than being a servant.”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly and brandished his sleeves, walking back to the room on the left of the southern side.

Candidate number two also walked up and pointed his thumb up at Jiang Chen, smiling, “Brother Boulder is domineering alright. That’s how you should treat bullies like these guys. You were too awesome. I’ll follow you from now on!”

Jiang Chen nodded absentmindedly. “Your room isn’t this one.”

Candidate number two blinked and immediately understood that he was being told to leave. He rubbed his nose, “You’re no fun Brother Boulder. Forget it, I’ll go back to my room. Thanks to Brother Boulder today, I don’t have to be a servant and can live in the southern room.”

A complicated look appeared in Jiang Chen’s eyes as he watched candidate number two walk out.

For some reason, he felt that this person was quite mysterious. There also seemed to be a power hidden within this person.

Jiang Chen even suspected that if he hadn’t made a move, then this “Xiao Fei” would’ve able to take care of all the sect disciples in the courtyard himself as well.

Of course, this was just speculation.


The six sect disciples standing outside were all as dejected as roosters who’d lost a fight. Some of them had obvious expressions of being unwilling to accept this outcome.

“Senior brother Cheng, just what is going on? Why did you…”

Senior brother Cheng waved his hand and said dispiritedly, “Let’s talk inside.”

All of them surged into a room and one of the more hot tempered ones couldn’t help but say, “Senior brother Cheng, you lowered your head to those country cultivators just now? Were… were you putting on the ruse of injuring yourself in order to win?”

“Yeah, senior brother Cheng, you’re playing with that kid, right? Letting him climb high so that he will get a nasty fall down, right?”

“Haha, this must be the case. I knew that our senior brother Cheng would submit to mere ordinary disciples. This is quite creative, letting them soar to the clouds first and then slapping them down in a mess with one hand. Not bad, not bad. This new way of denying face and stepping on someone afterwards is creative indeed.”

Senior brother Cheng had black lines running down his face as he cursed in his heart. Are all of you guys truly brainless? Or are you on being sarcastic on purpose just to jeer at me?

Injuring himself in order to win? Only bird brains such as these could possibly think up of this!

“Tiger and Sixie, the two of you pack your things and move to the northern rooms.” Senior brother Cheng said with a darkened face.

“What?” The stockily built Tiger immediately jumped up. “Why? Senior brother Cheng, are you joking? The northern rooms are the worst off, so why am I the one living there? Didn’t we agree that it would be those two ordinary disciples are staying there?”

Senior brother Cheng frowned, “I told you to go. What are you standing here blabbing away for?”

Tiger threw his head to the side, “I’m not going. You go if you want.”

It was likely that he’d seen senior brother Cheng’s cowardly display just now that Tiger had suddenly lost a lot of his usual respect towards senior brother Cheng, and his tone wasn’t that polite either.

Senior brother Cheng slammed his hand on the table, “What, do you think because I couldn't take care of those two ordinary cultivators that I can’t do the same to you?”

Tiger’s temper also rose as well. “You were the one who arranged everything before, but now you’ve changed your mind. I’m perfectly happy in my room on the west side and I’m not going to the one on the north side, no matter what you say!”

Senior brother Cheng flew into a rage as someone said on the side, “Senior brother Cheng, just what’s going on here? Do you mean you weren’t acting just now?”

“The f*ck was I acting about!” Blood vessels once again popped out on his pale face. “I almost lost my life just now! Do you guys think you’re awesome and think I was shit just now? It’s not that I’m taking you down a peg, but all of you together wouldn’t put up enough of a fight against me, much less him! You’d be courting death!”

When had the fourth level spirit realm senior brother Cheng ever spoken such depressed words? This was obviously helping someone else become powerful and overlooking his own strength!

The entire room was shocked senseless when his words rang out.

They all knew senior brother Cheng very well. This fellow was a narcissistic, arrogant, cocky person who rarely complimented others.

However, he was actually voicing such words now!

What did this mean? This meant that all this cowardly actions and words just now were real and not an act!

Judging from his currently enraged expression, he was obviously not joking.

The faces of the five others finally changed at this moment.

“Senior brother Cheng, what do you mean you almost lost your life? Does that secular brat have some tricks up his sleeve?”

“Yeah, that kid looks crude beyond belief and he doesn’t look that strong. Not to mention, even if he is a genius among the ordinary cultivators, how can he compared to us sect disciples?”

The sect disciples were still too used to being on high, lofty grounds and having no respect for anyone at all. They viewed the ordinary world as shit and had never properly looked at anyone from there.

If it hadn’t been for that moment leaving such an impression just now, senior brother Cheng almost wondered if he’d been delusional and had been hallucinating just now.

But that kind of feeling of teetering between life and death would never lie to one.

In actuality, he wasn’t sure what had happened either. He’d only felt that he was a skiff in the midst of raging oceans, likely to be devoured at any time.

In that moment, it was as if someone else was controlling his life and death, consciousness, movement, and everything was outside of his control.

Otherwise, with his cultivation and mentality at the earth spirit realm, how would he have lost his composure thus?

Senior brother Cheng was also extremely irate with his companions repeated questions. He snorted, “You guys are welcome to try if you don’t believe me. I’ve already said this much, so if any of you want to die, go ahead. I won’t stop you.”

No matter how much the others were skeptical, they all somewhat believed after seeing senior brother Cheng thus.

“But…” There was still someone reluctant, “Senior brother Cheng, does this mean that this fellow is the king of this residence in the next three months? We have to listen to his commands and become his servant? Isn’t this a colossal joke?”

“Right?! We’re still sect geniuses at the end of the day, and where will our face be if word gets out that we obeyed the commands of an ordinary cultivator?”

“Indeed, us sect disciples would rather die and be humiliated. I can’t afford the loss of face that comes with being ordered about by a mere mundane ant.”

Senior brother Cheng rolled his eyes and said woodenly, “I’m not repeating myself. You guys can go try for yourselves if you don’t believe me.”

The others in the residence had all looked to him as their leader. Now that he was surrendering all of a sudden, the others felt a bit put off and didn’t know what to do.

They discussed for quite a while but couldn’t come up with a plan.

They could only surmise from senior brother Cheng’s words that this ordinary cultivator was incredibly strong to the point where even the former couldn’t make a stand.

Senior brother Cheng would’ve never given up so easily if this wasn’t the case.

When everyone saw their leader accept his lot, they knew that it was impossible to expect him to make another move.

If even their leader at the earth spirit realm didn’t have the courage to challenge him again, then how would they, whose cultivation was far less, have the guts to?

All of them sighed as they weren’t willing to accept things, but had no ability to change the situation.

The results of the first selection hadn’t been revealed to the sect disciples, so these fellows naturally didn’t know how strong these mundane cultivators were.

If they’d known that a freak genius with a boulder’s heart had appeared in the first selection, then this show likely wouldn’t have played out today.

Jiang Chen was sitting in his secret chamber at this moment. He’d used the Ear of the Zephyr to listen in on those other fellows just now.

It seemed that senior brother Cheng had accepted the results, but for the others, not so much.

However, with Jiang Chen’s observation of that sect disciple, would he truly have submitted that easily? I don’t think so!

This person was quite shrewd and had likely already guessed that it wasn’t safe to speak in the residence, so he hadn’t dared say anything at all and could only stammer inconclusively.

Jiang Chen understood that the more someone was like this, the more dangerous he was. Although he appeared to have accepted his lot on the surface, he was actually cooking up some sinister plot in the shadows.

“Humph. Dancing buffoons who aren’t even able to take one hit! How would I, Jiang Chen, be afraid of some clowns? Whether this senior brother Cheng accepts things or not, I have hundreds of ways to take his life if he irritates me again.” Jiang Chen thought and paid no more attention to the reactions in the outside world.

He was in the mystic spirit quadrant now and had entered the territory of the second selection. He was facing all the sect geniuses.

If even the fourth level mystic quadrant disciples were fourth level spirit realm, then what of the first level?

There were also the geniuses in the earth and sky quadrants…

“It looks like the four great sects have indeed kept some young talent in reserve.” Jiang Chen thought.

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