Chapter 321: Jiang Chen Demonstrates His Power

Chapter 321: Jiang Chen Demonstrates His Power

As he felt the explosive enmity from the yard, there weren’t that many ripples that rocked Jiang Chen’s heart.

It was said that dragons did not cohabit with snakes.

According to Jiang Chen’s personality, these fourth level candidates didn’t warrant the slightest attention from him. If it wasn’t thanks to the rules, how would he share the same roof with them?

Given the circumstances, although he was unwilling, he didn’t turn his face away.

Besides, how could the enmity of these fellows scare him?

He pointed his foot forward and kicked the door open. Jiang Chen’s eyes swept the inside and noticed that the yard was rather spacious.

There were two rooms on each side of the courtyard, with eight in total. It was obvious that each candidate would have their own.

He was about to set foot into the courtyard when a wide figure came walking over. The figure immediately asked unceremoniously, “Who the hell are you to dare barge into where cultivators live?”

The voice was crude and gruff, belonging to that Brother Tiger that the others had mentioned earli...

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