Chapter 321: Jiang Chen Demonstrates His Power

Chapter 321: Jiang Chen Demonstrates His Power

As he felt the explosive enmity from the yard, there weren’t that many ripples that rocked Jiang Chen’s heart.

It was said that dragons did not cohabit with snakes.

According to Jiang Chen’s personality, these fourth level candidates didn’t warrant the slightest attention from him. If it wasn’t thanks to the rules, how would he share the same roof with them?

Given the circumstances, although he was unwilling, he didn’t turn his face away.

Besides, how could the enmity of these fellows scare him?

He pointed his foot forward and kicked the door open. Jiang Chen’s eyes swept the inside and noticed that the yard was rather spacious.

There were two rooms on each side of the courtyard, with eight in total. It was obvious that each candidate would have their own.

He was about to set foot into the courtyard when a wide figure came walking over. The figure immediately asked unceremoniously, “Who the hell are you to dare barge into where cultivators live?”

The voice was crude and gruff, belonging to that Brother Tiger that the others had mentioned earlier.

Jiang Chen flicked a faint glance around and noticed the other five living in this residence had all gathered. The others were split into two sides and had fanned out, subtly preventing them from advancing.

“Are you deaf? I’m speaking to you!” A sect disciple’s superiority complex made Brother Tiger feel like he’d been gravely insulted when he saw that Jiang Chen’s gaze was distant, as if the latter couldn’t even be bothered to look at him.

“And who the hell are you? Haven’t you heard of the saying that good dogs don’t get underfoot? With you blocking the door like this, those who know will know you live here, those who don’t will think you’re the guard dog.” Jiang Chen smiled coolly.

Jiang Chen then creased his brow and flourished his sleeves like he was shooing away irritating flies in front of him, shouting, “Move, get out of my way!”

Brother Tiger was quite stalwart, big, and tall. When he saw Jiang Chen flourish his sleeves, the former leered and prepared to teach Jiang Chen a lesson.

However, in the moment that Jiang Chen’s sleeves waved, Brother Tiger only felt that a mountain seemed to be pressing down on him. His breathing became labored and he subconsciously moved to the side.

This movement had seemed to be in accordance with Jiang Chen’s words. Jiang Chen had told him to move, so he’d moved.

Jiang Chen passed by him and smiled faintly, “Seems like you’ve got a brain.”

Brother Tiger’s face flushed beet red as he exhaled explosively before finally recovering his breath. He was utterly baffled by what had just happened.

He roared out, “Brat, stop right there!”

Jiang Chen took a few more steps forward and saw that the other five sect disciples were still standing in front of him, blocking off all directions. It looked like they had no intention of letting Jiang Chen by.

Jiang Chen suddenly paused and stood in the center, a smile playing about his lips as he surveyed his surroundings.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, smiling faintly. “Alright, out with it. Who’s the boss here?”

Jiang Chen could also tell that this Brother Tiger was a minion. He’d been egged on by others to stick his head out.

In actuality, this fellow was absolutely not the boss of this residence. Someone who was all brawn and no brains would never be the boss.

Jiang Chen looked around and locked his gaze on a fair skinned young man standing to the south.

This person had had a remote expression with some traces of a smile on his face the whole time. The hint of restraint and pride in his eyes was the epitome of a sect disciple.

It looked like this person was the true boss of the courtyard.

Indeed, when Jiang Chen looked to him, everyone else’s gaze also flitted to him.

This made Jiang Chen even more certain that he was the true leader of this residence.

The young man’s brow creased slightly as Jiang Chen locked his gaze onto him, seemingly quite displeased with Jiang Chen’s gaze. He seemed to feel that this was a deep offense to him.

“An ordinary practitioner dares to size me up in this manner?! What a country bumpkin, completely lacking in manners!”

Snorting softly, the young man said lightly, “I’ve heard that the top ten of the secular disciples have been assigned to the mystic quadrant. They were rather lucky. However, didn’t the overseer of the first selection teach you what to do once you entered? Didn’t he teach you that you needed to keep your head down in front of the sect disciples?”

“It looks like you had moved the winds and rain in the first selection and brought that feeling of superiority into the second selection, hmm?”

The young man smiled coldly and stared frostily at Jiang Chen, his tone remote.

“Listen up! This young sir will represent the sect disciples and give you a lesson. Ordinary practitioners will always be ordinary practitioners. You’re destined to roll around in the dust of the mundane world. Even if you’re lucky and enter the sect, you’ll only be at the bottom for others to step on, order around, and act as a background for. Remember, whether here or within the sects, you’re always lower than others!”

The young man stretched out a hand and said, “Now, I’ll announce the five rules of this residence.”

“One, the two of you will live in the two rooms to the north. You are to never approach the other rooms without our orders.”

“Second, the two of you will be in charge of all the errands in this residence.”

“Third, you will hand over to me your monthly stipend and rewards.”

“Fourth, you are servants here and will answer when summoned. You will be punished with kneeling the first time you are remiss, a beating the second time, and death the third!”


Jiang Chen suddenly laughed and interrupted the other person’s flowing speech, smiling faintly, “Does this mean you really are the boss of this place?”

Someone immediately cried out next to him, “Kid, what bullshit are you spouting? My senior brother Cheng is of the fourth level spirit realm! If it wasn’t for the fact that he only recently broke through, he’d absolutely be able to be worthy of the earth quadrant with his current level of cultivation.”

“Heh heh, kid, recognize the situation you’re in. If senior brother Cheng says something in this residence, no one else dares to say anything else. If you understand the rules and play your part as a servant well, you’ll be able to weather the next three months well. If not…”

Jiang Chen spread out his hands and asked, “Senior brother Cheng is it? Which room do you live in?”

The young man frowned, seemingly above answering Jiang Chen’s question.

Someone immediately toadied up to him and said, “The south side is king. Senior brother Cheng lives in the southern room, of course!:

Senior brother Cheng had a face full of lofty self pride and didn’t speak up otherwise.

Jiang Chen nodded and said to senior brother Cheng, “Go and pack your things. I’m commandeering the southern room.”

The scene quieted down instantly when he spoke.

Everyone had flabbergasted expressions, wondering if they’d misheard.

What? He’d told senior brother Cheng to pack his things because he was commandeering the room? Had… had this brat gone mad?”

“Kid, are… are you crazy? Senior brother Cheng has just explained the five rules to you, are you deaf and didn’t hear them?”

“Ordinary disciples and country bumpkins have no idea of the immensity of the universe. Senior brother Cheng, it looks like there’s a need to make them understand the rules!”

Jiang Chen’s face grew cold. “Rules? Who made the rules? I only have one rule. Whoever offends me will pay the price!”

Jiang Chen paid no mind to these idiots after he spoke, and shot into the southern room like lightning. His speed was so fast that no one caught a clear glimpse of him.

After a short while, the luggage within the southern room were all thrown out, landing heavily on the ground.

Jiang Chen walked out and waved at candidate number two. “The room has been cleaned, do you want to come live in it?”

Candidate number two had already seemed to know that Jiang Chen would be so fierce. He chuckled and walked towards the southern room without a trace of fear.

This scene completely shell shocked the six sect disciples.

Senior brother Cheng’s pale face immediately flushed red. “Brat, you don’t care when you die huh?!”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly, “Since the southern room is good, why can we not take up residence within it when you can?”

Senior brother Cheng shook in his rage, “You ordinary ant! You filthy dog! Are you fit to live in the southern room?! Inferior beings should live in inferior rooms. The northern rooms are where trash like you should live!”

“However, you’ve now deeply offended me. It’s too late even if you want to live in the northern rooms. I now announce that you can only sleep in the courtyard!”

Senior brother Cheng’s tone was highly arrogant, as if his every word and sentence could determine everyone’s life.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly instead of growing angry when he heard these words. He advanced slowly towards senior brother Cheng.

“You’re right, inferior beings should live in inferior rooms. Therefore, the northern rooms are really suited for you.”

Jiang Chen’s aura increased with each step he took.

He’d destroyed even a golem at the peak of the fifth level spirit realm earlier. What did he fear from a fourth level disciple?

Although Jiang Chen’s level of cultivation was only at the fourth level spirit realm, thanks to a spirit ocean crafted by the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill and his various fortuitous encounters, Jiang Chen’s current aura was likely even on par with a cultivator at the peak of the earth spirit realm.

That a minor character who’d just entered the earth spirit realm kept threatening him — this naturally ticked off Jiang Chen by quite a bit.

He might have been able to overlook provocation, but this fellow had been spouting off words such as “trash”, “inferior”, and “village bumpkins” one after the other. Although Jiang Chen didn’t want to actually fight with him, he knew that if he didn’t put this fellow down, he’d been in for no end of provocation in the future.

As opposed to making concessions to keeping the peace, he might as well settle things once and for all today and set the tone for what’s to happen in the residence. From today forth, he, Jiang Chen, would be the boss of this place, and his word was law!

Whoever ran afoul of him would be in for it!

As Jiang Chen advanced, senior brother Cheng only felt a slight pressure weigh on him. His breathing then became labored, and then he realized that his spirit ocean was being continuously compressed like a balloon, in danger of exploding at any moment.


Senior brother Cheng’s face changed greatly as great drops of perspiration dripped down from his forehead.

Jiang Chen was expressionless as he continued to speak noncommittally, “Senior brother Cheng is it? A sect disciple hmm? Five rules huh? Out of all that, I only ask, whose word is law now?”

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