Chapter 320: An Explosion of Enmity

Chapter 320: An Explosion of Enmity

Master Fang’s voice sounded again, “We are all assembled here now and you all know the rules so I won’t say much more. Now, I’ll just go over some details you should take note of.”

“The first detail -- in each three month cycle, you must each complete a hundred challenges. If you don’t complete this number, whether due to injury or other reasons, then each challenge you miss will become a loss. For example, if you complete only eighty challenges in three months and you won forty challenges, then the twenty that you lacked will also count as losses. In this regard, your score will become twenty wins and sixty losses, and your win rate calculated from this.”

“The second detail is that if you feel that the opponent challenging you is too strong, you can choose to forfeit to protect yourself from injury. Your opponent will win without having to fight, and each forfeit will also be deducted from the fights you win.”

“The third detail is that although we encourage only determining who is the victor instead of death matches, casualties are inevitable...

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