Chapter 316: Since You’re All Courting Death, Then Go Die!

Chapter 316: Since You’re All Courting Death, Then Go Die!

This person was wearing the uniform and mask of a candidate, but a strong sense of concern and even a bit of worry flashed through their eyes.

This person had been searching the Valley of Destruction for a few days at this point. But no matter how far they searched, they never found a sign of the freak with the boulder’s heart.

Although this person kept telling themselves not to think wild thoughts, they couldn’t help but consider a few pessimistic ideas as time passed.

The person’s eyes suddenly gleamed as they looked incredulously ahead of them.

A figure had dashed out of the charred land and destruction ahead!

It was as shocking as seeing a survivor after Armageddon.

“It’s him, the freak genius with the boulder’s heart!” The large stone hovering over the person’s heart was abruptly laid to rest when he saw the figure dash out of the burnt area. “Thank goodness he’s not dead. I knew that he wouldn’t die that easily…”

The person standing on the slope felt waves of emotion upon seeing this figure dash out from the rubble. An uncommon light shone...

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