Chapter 315: Jiang Chen’s Rich! (Teaser)

Chapter 315: Jiang Chen’s Rich!

Jiang Chen’s mouth also grew bitter when he saw that the fight between the two spirit creatures had escalated to this point.

To think that a saint rank creature and peak of the spirit rank creature had devolved to beating each other up like children. They were using the most basic, most shameless, and most primitive ways to fight now.

The Raven King pierced the air with shrill screeches as his two wings kept hacking every which way in the Firelizard’s mouth.

The Firelizard’s several meter long tongue was almost completed minced by now.

The enormous pain made it start spasming.

But even so, the Firelizard still grimly hung on to the Raven King’s legs and didn’t let go.

Legs pinned, the Raven King could neither advance nor retreat. There was nothing left for it to destroy in the immediate surroundings.

It was also apparent that the damage within its mouth wasn’t enough to immediately kill the Firelizard. If this dragged on and the Raven King was the one to run out of strength first, then he really would become food for the Firelizard.

The Raven King’s brutal nature fully...

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