Chapter 315: Jiang Chen’s Rich!

Chapter 315: Jiang Chen’s Rich!

Jiang Chen’s mouth also grew bitter when he saw that the fight between the two spirit creatures had escalated to this point.

To think that a saint rank creature and peak of the spirit rank creature had devolved to beating each other up like children. They were using the most basic, most shameless, and most primitive ways to fight now.

The Raven King pierced the air with shrill screeches as his two wings kept hacking every which way in the Firelizard’s mouth.

The Firelizard’s several meter long tongue was almost completed minced by now.

The enormous pain made it start spasming.

But even so, the Firelizard still grimly hung on to the Raven King’s legs and didn’t let go.

Legs pinned, the Raven King could neither advance nor retreat. There was nothing left for it to destroy in the immediate surroundings.

It was also apparent that the damage within its mouth wasn’t enough to immediately kill the Firelizard. If this dragged on and the Raven King was the one to run out of strength first, then he really would become food for the Firelizard.

The Raven King’s brutal nature fully emerged at this time.

He pushed off on his legs and snapped the tendons and flesh of his legs amidst a mess of bloody gore!

He folded his wings in a dive and streaked down the Firelizard’s throat, into it’s chest.

The Raven King had actually given up on his legs and crippled himself to dive into the Firelizard’s chest in order to give it a fatal blow.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but admire the Raven King’s character and courage when he saw this.

He was also slightly delighted to see that the battle had developed to this point. He knew that his chance had arrived.

The Firelizard knew things had taken a bad turn when he discovered that the Raven King had forsaken his legs to dive into its body. It kept roaring and slamming its body on the ground, trying to shake the Raven King out of its body that way.

However, the Raven King’s target was clear. How was it possibly willing to come back out after it’d entered its enemy’s body?

The Firelizard’s harsh cries died down slowly as time went on. Its writhing, crashing body slowly quieted down into listless struggles until its breath finally stopped.

A pair of bloody eyes was still open despite being destroyed by the Raven King. It looked like it’d died with everlasting regret.

A spirit creature of the saint rank still hadn’t made it through in the end.

Jiang Chen’s heart was also pounding as he watched what had happened. A being as strong as a saint rank creature had seen its cultivation continuously dispersing at the end of its life and had been so helpless in the face of a life threatening disaster.

The cruelties of the path of martial dao were quite apparent. Even one as strong as a saint rank creature could be brought down by a group of beings inferior than it in moments of weakness.

“It looks like there is no realm of everlasting life on the path of martial dao. We are all as minuscule as the ants in the face of an overwhelming disaster.”

Jiang Chen’s emotions were also greatly shaken at this time, and he further reaffirmed his goal to pursue the paramount existence of martial dao. Only at the paramount existence would one enjoy eternal life and revel in the heavenly law.

A dragon swimming in the shallows would be teased by the shrimp, just as a tiger is insulted by the dogs if it goes down to the low lands.

This saying was fully illustrated by the Firelizard’s body.

Jiang Chen knew that his chance had finally come after watching for so long. He had been taking the risk in not leaving because he was waiting for an opportunity such as this to arise.

When a kingfisher and a clam were locked in combat, the one who benefited was the fisherman.

Jiang Chen strode out leisurely from the corner. His sudden appearance shocked the remaining Fire Ravens and they all started cawing.

The Firelizard’s last blow had destroyed almost all of the Fire Ravens. There were less than ten left and each of them was more or less injured.

These Fire Ravens were naturally of no threat to Jiang Chen.

He walked lightheartedly towards the Firelizard corpse as eight of them came diving down at him, as if he hadn’t seen them.

As the Ravens dived, eight vines, tipped by enormous fire lotuses, erupted out of the ground. The petals were as if large mouths, with each lotus devouring a Fire Raven.

Despite their level of cultivation at first or second level spirit realm, the Fire Ravens could put up no resistance whatsoever as they were devoured by the fire lotuses.

They didn’t even have time to caw out desperately.

Jiang Chen circled past the Firelizard’s body and released the Goldbiter Rat King. “Ole Gold, leave me the core and scales of this Firelizard. You and your tribe can have the remaining flesh and blood. By the way, this Firelizard is a saint rank creature.”

“What? A saint rank creature?!” The Rat King’s shifty eyes gleamed with excitement as he licked his lips greedily, almost drooling in his desire.

“Mm hmm. You've been yammering on about bloodline evolution. Here’s a chance. I forgot to tell you, this Firelizard has the bloodline of the dragons. Although it’s been quite diluted after being passed down through so many generations, but a dragon’s descendant is still a dragon’s descendant. Do you understand what I mean?”

The Rat King bobbed his head up and down rapidly. “Understood, understood. Young master, just what happened? How could a saint rank creature…”

The Goldbiter Rats were a cautious and timid race by nature. Even if one placed it in front of a lavish meal, it would still ask detailed questions about who, what, when, where, and why just in case it somehow got into a great deal of trouble.

Jiang Chen smiled, “Just tell me if you want it or not.”

“Yes, yes I do!” The Rat King hurriedly said.

“Then that’s the end of it. However, you need to take care of a problem first before you can enjoy this lovely meal in peace.”

“What is that?” The Rat King hastened to ask.

“It’s very simple. There’s a Fire Raven King within the stomach of the Firelizard, but it’s at less than 20% of its full strength. It may be just a bit stronger than you in its prime condition if it kept its aerial advantage. If you were to really battle with him, he wouldn’t be able to withstand your drilling abilities. Tell me, are you afraid of facing a Raven King that’s missing his legs and at less than twenty percent of his full strength?”

“Less than twenty percent of his full strength?” The Rat King asked cautiously.

“Twenty percent would be an overestimation. But you need to be quick. It may break through to the saint rank if it eats the Firelizard’s core. You should make haste since it’s only just gone inside. If you pass this chance on by, it will no longer exist.”

The Rat King didn’t dare linger when it heard these words and quickly slipped into the Firelizard’s bloody maw.

Jiang Chen felt a fierce struggle ensue from within the Firelizard after a short while. It looked like the Raven King had met the Rat King in battle.

However, the fight didn’t last long. It was exactly as Jiang Chen had guessed, the Raven King didn’t even have time to swallow the Firelizard’s core before it was interrupted by the Rat King.

Two spirit creatures at the peak of the spirit rank started laying into each other right in the middle of the Firelizard’s stomach.

The Raven King, at less than twenty percent of its strength, was quickly overcome.

The Rat King came drilling out with the Raven King’s corpse in hand shortly. The Raven King was now unrecognizable thanks to the Rat King nibbling on him.

Jiang Chen conveniently stored the cores of the Raven King and Firelizard.

The value of an original spirit creature’s core was priceless, worth cities.

The Raven King’s core was at the peak of the spirit rank and equally valuable.

The Rat King didn’t dare lust over these cores. He knew that he couldn’t set his sights on anything Jiang Chen wanted, or his tribe would lose a great deal because he tried to save a little.

A sumptuous feast greeted the Goldbiter Rats next.

There were so many Fire Raven corpses and the Firelizard corpse at the scene. It was enough for the Goldbiter Rats to eat handsomely.

Just the Firelizard alone was astonishing enough.

There were also thousands of Fire Ravens, each as big as a person.

This feast lasted four hours, and the Goldbiter Rats were still not quite fully satiated. However, they’d gained quite a lot from this meal.

The Rat King licked his lips and belched. As the king, he’d eaten the most and further had eaten the best, most nutritious parts of the Firelizard.

After the flesh and blood were devoured, Jiang Chen put the Firelizard’s scales away. This being had been so big that its scales were enough to forge armor for a hundred, two hundred people.

Of course, he would never do such an extravagant thing. It would be an absolute waste to use the scales to make armor for others.

Jiang Chen didn’t overlook the remaining Firelizard skeleton either.

These bones were so durable and hard that apart from the Rat King being able to munch on a portion, the other Goldbiter Rats had insufficient levels of cultivation to even bite down on them.

That even the Goldbiter Rats, a race eminently adept at devouring their food, couldn’t bite down on the bones, spoke to how hard this skeleton was.

“These are all good items. They’d make fine weapons.” Jiang Chen would naturally never pass up anything that had value.

The Raven King’s feathers, particularly his tail feathers, were all as sharp as arrows. It was a prime choice to craft them into weapons, flying daggers, or arrows.

“Haha, these gains are much better than one Cloudflame Flower!” Jiang Chen was in great spirits as he took inventory of his gains.

He’d almost been buried in a sea of fire when he tried to go for a Cloudflame Flower. Who would’ve thought that he’d have such an encounter after evading that disaster.

The Valley of Destruction was indeed a place of great heights and depths. What was heaven one second could be hell the next.

Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste anything and collected all the feathers of the ordinary Fire Ravens as well.

These Fire Ravens were all of the spirit realm, having strength equivalent to the small spirit realm. Their wing feathers would be fantastic for crafting into flying daggers and arrows.

When one used spirit rank material to forge weapons, the resulting weapon would be a spirit weapon without needing further refining by a weapons master.

If a weapons master had a high degree of skill, then the capabilities of the weapon would be even more amazing.

How could Jiang Chen waste such good material? Even if he had no use for it, he would be able to give it to his people.

These items would be an incredible treasure for them.

A thin figure stood on top of a slope on the outskirts of the charred area, staring off into space at the destruction in front of them.

“Jiang Chen ah Jiang Chen. If my guess is right, you’re that freak with the boulder’s heart. I hope you weren’t in the path of the fiery blaze.”

The person murmured to themselves and was lost in thought for a while.

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