Chapter 314: A Crazy Battle (Teaser)

Chapter 314: A Crazy Battle

The Firelizard seemed to have completely lost its mind.

Its tail smashed the ground continuously as its head butted randomly, its body arching and flexing.

It was as if the ground had attacked it instead of the Raven King. Therefore, it wanted to vent all of its ill temper on this great patch of land.

Dust and dirt flew as the sound was loud enough to shake even the heavens.

Jiang Chen’s ear drums throbbed even though he was so far away. It was fortunate that his Boulder’s Heart was abnormally resolute so that he would not suffer any mental damage.

“Strange, how strange, even though its eyes have been attacked, this Firelizard, this saint rank beast, shouldn’t have flown into such a violent rage?”

Jiang Chen felt that things were quite amiss. As violent as the Firelizard was, it still wouldn’t attack so randomly. It was a saint rank spirit creature after all!

To expend its energy like this was to add fuel to the flames, didn’t it understand that?

Bam bam bam!

The ground caved in a bit more whenever the Firelizard pounded the earth. Dust and dirt covered the skies like a smokescreen, making it difficult for the Raven King to approach.

Suddenly, a thought flashed across...

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