Chapter 314: A Crazy Battle

Chapter 314: A Crazy Battle

The Firelizard seemed to have completely lost its mind.

Its tail smashed the ground continuously as its head butted randomly, its body arching and flexing.

It was as if the ground had attacked it instead of the Raven King. Therefore, it wanted to vent all of its ill temper on this great patch of land.

Dust and dirt flew as the sound was loud enough to shake even the heavens.

Jiang Chen’s ear drums throbbed even though he was so far away. It was fortunate that his Boulder’s Heart was abnormally resolute so that he would not suffer any mental damage.

“Strange, how strange, even though its eyes have been attacked, this Firelizard, this saint rank beast, shouldn’t have flown into such a violent rage?”

Jiang Chen felt that things were quite amiss. As violent as the Firelizard was, it still wouldn’t attack so randomly. It was a saint rank spirit creature after all!

To expend its energy like this was to add fuel to the flames, didn’t it understand that?

Bam bam bam!

The ground caved in a bit more whenever the Firelizard pounded the earth. Dust and dirt covered the skies like a smokescreen, making it difficult for the Raven King to approach.

Suddenly, a thought flashed across Jiang Chen’s mind — the Firelizard wanted to escape!

Indeed, the Firelizard did indeed burrow into the ditch that was several meters deep. Half of its body was already beneath the ground, and only its tail kept pounding the earth, sending gouts of mud waves into the air and befuddling the Raven King.

The player in the game is blind, whereas bystanders see through everything.

Jiang Chen had seen through the Firelizard’s intentions, but the Raven King still hadn’t seen things clearly.

The Raven King only abruptly understood the Firelizard’s intentions when the latter’s body had completely drilled into the ground.

He threw back his head and cawed sharply, the fires of his fury began burning as he commanded the remaining Fire Ravens to attack the ground together.

This species, the Fire Ravens, were most adept at breathing flame.

However, this technique was ineffective against the Redscaled Firelizard, so the Fire Ravens hadn’t bothered attacking with fire until now.

This immunity was naturally still the case.

All of the Fire Ravens immediately angled their wings into blades one by one when they received their orders and hurtled towards the ground.

The Firelizard may have burrowed into the ground, but with the current condition of its body, it wouldn’t get far.

The Fire Ravens hacked into the ground as though their lives depended on it and kept digging, continuously breaking into the deep ditch on the ground.

The Firelizard’s tail was quickly exposed.

It only had a sliver of strength left, so its speed had naturally been greatly affected. Originally adept at flying through the earth, the Firelizard actually hadn’t had time to flee due to the pursuit from the Fire Ravens.

The Raven King sneered as his wings turned into blades and chopped viciously at the Firelizard’s tail.

A clear collision sound rang out, as though metallic weapons were clashing against each other.

The Raven King became even more ruthless and increased his speed, crazily raining down blows in the same area without a pause in momentum.

The Firelizard’s scaled armor was indeed strong, but it still required physical strength to maintain. There was less than ten percent of its original strength and spirit within the Firelizard’s true body and it was truly at the end of its tether.

The strength it had left in its body was negligible, so it could only depend on the natural defenses of its scales for protection.

With a blow or two, only faint marks appeared on the scales of the tail.

But the blows kept crashing down and after thirty or so hits, a deep injury was apparent on its tail.

It was clearly a deep cut as fresh blood seeped out of that wound.

The Fire Ravens were a bloodthirsty race and the Raven King’s violent nature was completely provoked after he saw blood. He cawed and summoned flock after flock of Fire Ravens to attack the same areas.

Gouts of blood shot out and the Raven King started cawing excitedly, opening its beak wide to swallow all the arrows of blood.

This was the blood of a descendant of the dragons, the Raven King was naturally not going to let that escape his reach.

“Caw!!!” The Raven King was extraordinarily proud of himself when he tasted the blood. He cawed and strutted around, venting the glee in his heart.

He would take his opponent’s life while it was injured!

When The Fire Ravens spotted fresh blood being shed, they attacked even more fiercely.

The Firelizard’s lower half continued to be revealed as more dirt was excavated.

The Fire Ravens were obviously not satisfied with just attacking one injury as they began to strike to other areas.

The Firelizard seemed to have completely lost its ability to defend itself and allowed the Fire Ravens to attack it with impunity.

As the saying went, a sufficient number of ants would be able to bite an elephant to death.

Since the Firelizard had no ability to counterattack, the Fire Ravens grew even more bold in their attacks. Add that to their advantage in numbers, their consequences of their assault was quickly apparent.

Injuries started dotting the Firelizard’s body as the Fire Raven army carved out new wounds.

Blood shot in all directions, stirring the Fire Ravens into abnormal excitement as they cawed madly and attacked crazily.

“No way, the Firelizard is going to croak just like this?” Jiang Chen found the current scene of one sided torture from the Fire Raven army quite unbelievable.

But just at this moment, there was a small movement in the surrounding ground.


Abruptly, the surrounding earth convulsed violently, as though it had exploded.

An enormous vortex had formed beneath the ground and was rapidly rising, churning up various bits of dirt. Under the influence of a strong aura, the dirt was transformed into attacks as lethal as violent arrows.

Bam, bam, bam!

The pieces of dirt were all harder than metal and connected solidly with the Fire Ravens in the surroundings with a frightening aura.

Because they’d been too close to the vortex, the Fire Ravens were left defenseless. As fast as their reactions were, they had no time to dodge or evade.

Ghastly cries rang out as almost none of the Fire Ravens had time to escape. They were hit by the rocks and dirt and crashed down one after another.

At almost the same time, the Firelizard’s body suddenly straightened like a legendary dragon emerging from the seas.

Its enormous body rose in a straight line, like a small mountain ascending from flat plains.

Its mouth opened as those alarming teeth bit towards the Raven King.

The Raven King also responded extraordinarily quickly as he retreated with a shake of his wings. He wanted to use this speed to evade the Firelizard’s last strike.

It was a pity though; the Firelizard had perfectly calculated everything. How could it possibly let the Raven King escape?

As the Raven King moved backwards rapidly, he suddenly felt an aura churning towards him from behind that could topple mountains and overturn seas.

The Firelizard’s scar-ridden tail had swept up to attack with a thunderous force, blocking all avenues of retreat for the Raven King.

“Stinking feathers, die!” The Firelizard had weathered the blows for so long in wait to strike out with this lethal blow.

It hadn’t made a move before this and had taken all the hits in order to numb the Fire Ravens so they would relax their defenses.

It had nurtured those schemes for this one blow.

Its goal? To swallow the Raven King!

The Raven King swept his tail in an arc and was uncontrollably shoved forward thanks to the strong wave of aura.

The Firelizard’s maw had opened in front of the Raven King and its tongue was protruding as well. It seemed that it wanted to wrap its tongue around the Raven King and swallow him alive.

As calm as the Raven King was, this time, his expression underwent a drastic shift. He was well aware that if he was swallowed by the Firelizard, he would completely become its food.

The Firelizard was likely going to receive more nourishment from swallowing him and absorbing the spiritual energy in his body than it would from the Cloudflame Flower.

This might even greatly slow its advent of death!

However, one had to know that the Raven King had no place to go at the moment. His body had been fenced in by the Firelizard’s aura, and he had no strength to soar upwards.

This was because his speed had already been restricted and if he were to take to the skies, he would likely be bitten in half by the Firelizard.

Life or death would be decided in this second.

The Raven King’s violent nature had been completely provoked in this instant. He made up his mind and decided not to keep running, but to leverage the aura being projected by the Firelizard’s tail to turn into a streak of red light and shoot towards the Firelizard’s maw like a flying sword.

He shifted all the strength on his body as he accelerated.

He was betting everything on this final strike.

If he could dive into the Firelizard’s mouth with this charge, straight into his opponent’s internal organs, he’d be able to attack the Firelizard’s insides.

The Firelizard was covered with scales on the outside that were incredibly difficult to break through.

But its internal organs were its weakest point. As long as the Raven King could evade the two rows of blade-like teeth and dive into the Firelizard’s mouth, he’d was assured a seventy to eighty percent chance that he’d be able to finish off his opponent once and for all.

After all, the Firelizard was a spent force now and he lacked even a tenth of his usual strength.

The Raven King felt that whoever lived or died would be decided in this moment.

Either he’d be bitten into two by the Firelizard, or he’d be able to fly through and grind up the latters’ organs!

This was a battle in which death was guaranteed, and one of them had to die after this!

Jiang Chen immediately understood the Raven King’s intentions when he saw this decision and he couldn’t help but admire the Raven King’s violent nature and decisiveness.

The blur of red light streaked forward like a shooting star and it charged into the Firelizard’s bloody maw.

The Firelizard smirked, most likely seeing through the Raven King’s intentions as it abruptly closed its mouth.


The Raven King had pulled himself into a straight line with his claws at the very end.

The Firelizard’s mouth was like an enormous pair of forceps, it just so happened to close on the Raven King’s legs!

The Raven King had fallen just a bit short in his last strike.

However, he paid no heed to that now as he used his blade-like wings  to furiously cut into the Firelizard’s mouth.

One had to say, the Firelizard had used up almost all of its remaining strength in these consecutive attacks. Although it was biting down on the Raven King’s legs, it had no ability to stop the Raven King from rampaging in his mouth.

Clack, clack!

The Raven King continuously sliced away at the Firelizard’s tongue and fresh blood oozed out between the two rows of sharp teeth. The scene looked truly horrifying.

Even so, the Firelizard was still abnormally resolute, grimly biting down and stopping the Raven King from penetrating further into its body.

It was apparent that this was the final stand in the battle between the two spirit creatures.

If the Firelizard loosened his mouth, the Raven King would be sure to dive further in and churn up all his organs. Even the gods or immortals then wouldn’t be able to save him.

And if the Raven King couldn’t make it into the Firelizard’s insides and remained clamped here, his injuries would slowly worsen as well. Not to mention that he was expending a great deal of effort in this battle, and he had no faith in how long he’d be able to hold out as well if the battle of attrition continued!

The two spirit creatures were both at the ends of their energies, but neither one of them wanted to give up. This was when they were competing on who was more ruthless and who could make it to the end!

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