Chapter 313: Earning a Profit Without Working For It

Chapter 313: Earning a Profit Without Working For It

What the Redscaled Firelizard had mentioned was precisely what the Raven King was most fearful of.

Although the Firelizard was in its death throes and could breathe its last at any time, this didn’t mean that the Firelizard lacked methods to kill the Raven King.

The Raven King clenched its beak tightly and stared hard at the hundreds of his children and descendants that had been killed in an instant. His heart was also constantly dripping blood.

Until now, he had always been quite proud of the scale that the Fire Ravens had proliferated to.

But the price paid for chasing the Firelizard had simply been too great. At least half of his children and descendants were dead.

At this rate, he wouldn’t have many left after he had killed the Firelizard.

He was caught between a rock and a hard place now.

He could either continue to attack until the Firelizard died, or wait until it breathed its last.

However, it was obvious that it wouldn’t die that quickly.

Even if a saint rank creature was at the end of its life, its life wouldn’t be drained that easily. Particularly after the Firelizard had swallowed a Cloudflame Flower and had greatly replenished itself.

Given enough time to refine the Flower, even if that couldn’t extend its life, it would be able to recover fifty to sixty percent of its cultivation for a short period of time.

When it had recovered that much, the Raven King knew that he wouldn’t be able to take on the Firelizard.

Therefore, he couldn’t afford to wait and had to keep fighting.

Only through continual battles and harassment could he ensure that the Firelizard didn’t have enough time to refine the Flower.

But of course, if this was the case, the price would be heavy. The Raven King himself didn’t dare take the field, so he’d have to fill that gap with the lives of his children.

Even though the Fire Ravens followed whatever orders their king issues, he felt the twinges of a guilty conscience in commanding them to continuously go to their deaths.

He had less than one third of his original descendants left. At this rate, they would be quickly eliminated.

“Children, don’t dive, use your wings to engage in long range attacks!” The Raven King gave the order.

Although wing attacks weren’t as powerful as diving, it could at least harass the Firelizard.

The Raven King didn’t seek to immediately kill the Firelizard, but drag things out until it died.

Long range attacks could both chip away at it and not have to worry about counterattacks.

This was one of the advantages of the Fire Ravens.

The feathers on the Fire Ravens had quite a specialized function. They protected their bodies like a layer of armor, making it difficult for even an arrow to penetrate.

Therefore, shooting out their arrows meant that they lost a feather with every shot taken.

This was actually a self detrimental method of attack for the ravens.

However, self harm was better than suicide. After receiving their orders, all the Fire Ravens escaped the Firelizard’s damage range and shot their arrows at their enemy.

The feathers were like arrows and may not have caused great damage by themselves, but given this large scale attack, it was still a trial for the belaboring Firelizard.

Pop, pop, pop. These feather attacks connected with the Firelizard like a shower of rain, emitting a crisp tinkle when they connected.

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh from the distance, “The Firelizard is almost invincible with the defensive power of its armor. Attacks from within the same level of cultivation won’t make a dent at all. Its thick flesh and skin behind the scales possess equally astounding defensive abilities. These long range attacks likely won’t do anything at all. However, the Firelizard is remaining where it is without moving. It looks like it really has exhausted quite a bit of its energy. It also looks like the dissipation of its cultivation has been quite severe.”

However, even so, to be able to completely ignore the missile attacks from hundreds of Fire Ravens still made Jiang Chen inwardly tsk in amazement at the Firelizard’s defenses.

“Such heaven defying defensive capabilities is definitely of the dragon tribe alright. If a Firelizard on the brink of death can still muster such defenses, it’s likely that human practitioners on the same level would be completely outclassed if it was at its peak?” Jiang Chen sighed.

His footsteps became even further glued to the ground as he watched this battle.

He’d been a bit worried beforehand, but now he’d fully relaxed. Neither the Firelizard nor the Raven King were at their peak.

The Firelizard was hanging on to life by its claws, and the Raven King was covered with injuries after such a ferocious battle and likely possessed less than half of its strength.

Jiang Chen had no fear of two spirit creatures in these conditions.

When a kingfisher and a clam were locked in combat, that was only to the advantage of the fisherman.

Jiang Chen decided to stay and see if he could become that fisherman.

If the Raven King had hardened its heart to pursue this to the end, then he would take the field himself in the end.

But as long as the Raven King and Firelizard clashed with each other a few times and mostly exhausted each other, it’d be much easier for Jiang Chen to earn a profit without working for it.

As for the remaining Fire Raven army, although Jiang Chen was still cautious of them, he had his ways of handling them.

After all, the numbers of Fire Ravens left now were less than a third of their original number. After such a long battle, their battle strength had been greatly depleted as well.

Even if Jiang Chen didn’t have the Goldbiter Rat army, he’d be able to use the Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice and the magnetic golden mountain to take on the Fire Ravens.

Of course, the caveat was that both the Raven King and the Firelizard were heavily injured.

The situation was now laid out in front of him, and only a single last push was required.

Jiang Chen could also see that the Raven King had the utmost confidence in his strategy. However, the Firelizard didn’t care about harassment tactics like these at all.

These feather attacks weren’t having the slightest bit of effect.

Perhaps, the Firelizard was enduring the attacks in order to start refining the Flower.

He’d be able to thoroughly absorb the spirit power from the Cloudflame Flower as long as he utterly refined the Flower, and recover at least fifty to sixty percent of his cultivation.

The Fire Ravens would be in grave trouble then.

Jiang Chen almost wanted to remind the Raven King that these kinds of attacks were futile and was basically giving the Firelizard time to refine the Flower.

However, reason told him not to be impulsive. Jiang Chen was well aware that if he showed himself now, the Raven King would rain crazy attacks down on him.

It wasn’t that they were enemies, but that the Raven King wouldn’t allow a third party to appear in this moment and disturb its plan of devouring the Firelizard.

“Raven King, ah Raven King. You’re so afraid of death, yet seek to devour the descendants of the dragons? The moment the Firelizard refines the Cloudflame Flower is the moment you die!”

When a saint rank creature recovered fifty to sixty percent of its cultivation, killing a peak spirit rank creature was as easy as playing with a toy.

Even though the Raven King was highly mobile, he likely wouldn’t have time to even flap his wings when faced with absolute power and a fully formed aura.

When a saint rank creature expanded its aura, all spirit rank creatures within a radius of a hundred li would be reduced to cowering in fright.

A trace of anxiety flitted across the Raven King’s fierce eyes when he saw this.

He could also see that this stalemate wasn’t the right move, and only grew more and more anxious as time went on.

He cawed shrilly and shook his enormous wings, folding them in a dive.

He’d decided that even if he’d had to take a risk, he’d personally attack and not allow the Firelizard time to refine the Cloudflame Flower.

Otherwise, the Fire Ravens were doomed for extinction!

The Raven King shook his wings and turned them into two gleaming knives, churning up a frightening presence and diving down like a flash of lightning.

The Raven King’s agility and speed were its greatest advantages, and these two blades that flashed like lightning happened to deploy his advantages to the limit.

Red light flashed as bright as the sun, making for the Firelizard’s head.

Its target was clear — the Firelizard’s eyes!

The Firelizard was covered in defenses as strong as iron. Its scales would be something difficult to break through.

However, weaknesses existed in even the strongest of defenses. The Firelizard’s weakness happened to be its eyes. There were no scales covering it and it was the only weak point that the Raven King could attack.

“Filthy lizard, die!”

The Raven king leered and the red light cleaved into the Firelizard’s eyes at the peak of the Raven King’s speed.


The Firelizard was in the midst of refining the Flower and was already distracted to begin with. Adding the Raven King’s extreme speed and his opponent’s less than ten percent availability of strength, the latter actually didn’t react in time!

Pfft, pfft!

A bloody crack formed in the Firelizard’s lantern-esque eyes as blood splurted out.

This sudden blow overwhelmed the Firelizard with pain. Blood shot out of both eyes as it started howling in pain.

The Firelizard was even more passive after losing his vision.

His enormous body rolled around on the ground, and his sturdy metal whip of a tail lashed through the air wildly like a crazed demon.

Bam, bam, bam!

The Firelizard’s tail continuously smashed into the ground, forming a deep moat whenever it landed.

The ground started caving in beneath the Firelizard’s maddened attacks.

Before too long, the ground around the Firelizard had sunk in by quite a few meters.

“Amazing, amazing.” Jiang Chen swallowed, as he witnessed the destruction wreaked by the wrathful Firelizard.

It looked like the deep gouges on the mountain face had indeed been formed by the Firelizard, surely left behind when it went to take the flower.

“The Raven King is also quite wily to attack the Firelizard’s eyes. Without its vision and its decreased strength, the Firelizard will be in great trouble then!”

Jiang Chen was also paying a great deal of attention to the situation, and he actually started cheering for the Firelizard in his heart when he saw its injuries.

“The Firelizard won’t die this easily. It’s best if it can give the Raven King a fatal blow before it dies. Only then will I be able to profit handsomely.”

Grievous injuries on both sides was something Jiang Chen wished to see the most.

He didn’t care about the Cloudflame Flower at this point. Either one of the spirit creatures in front of him was worth more than the Flower!

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