Chapter 313: Earning a Profit Without Working For It

Chapter 313: Earning a Profit Without Working For It

What the Redscaled Firelizard had mentioned was precisely what the Raven King was most fearful of.

Although the Firelizard was in its death throes and could breathe its last at any time, this didn’t mean that the Firelizard lacked methods to kill the Raven King.

The Raven King clenched its beak tightly and stared hard at the hundreds of his children and descendants that had been killed in an instant. His heart was also constantly dripping blood.

Until now, he had always been quite proud of the scale that the Fire Ravens had proliferated to.

But the price paid for chasing the Firelizard had simply been too great. At least half of his children and descendants were dead.

At this rate, he wouldn’t have many left after he had killed the Firelizard.

He was caught between a rock and a hard place now.

He could either continue to attack until the Firelizard died, or wait until it breathed its last.

However, it was obvious that it wouldn’t die that quickly.

Even if a saint rank creature was at the end of its life, its life wouldn’t be...

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