Chapter 311: A Massacre Between Two Kings

Chapter 311: A Massacre Between Two Kings

It was a good thing that the enormously strong creature wasn’t paying attention to its surroundings and it hadn’t detected that a human was hiding in the neighboring rocks.

The sounds of thunder rumbled through the rock as the being moved further and further away, until it disappeared.

Jiang Chen sighed slightly, “The spirit creatures of the Valley of Destruction are really strong. Although many fortuitous encounters await the secular disciples in this valley, danger also looks behind every corner.”

He finally knew why no one would be eliminated in this trial.

Was there a need to eliminate people? How many would make it out alive?

What was the point of eliminating anyone with such a high mortality rate?

Jiang Chen was almost starting to wonder if even three thousand would survive from the eight thousand that had entered the valley.

The four sects had said they wanted to select three thousand people to enter the sects, but Jiang Chen felt that not even three thousand would survive after this trial.

But of course, this was a pessimistic estimation.

“I don’t need...

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