Chapter 309: Fire For a Hundred Li (Teaser)

Chapter 309: Fire For a Hundred Li

The thousands of Fire Ravens were all at least at the first level spirit realm, and their stronger brethren were even at the third, fourth level spirit realm.

When all these Fire Ravens released their spirit power in unison and flapped their flaming wings, the enormous spirit power formed a large wave and made the trees on that mountain face quickly wither, shrivel, turn into ash and dust at a speed that could be visibly observed by the human eye. 

Waves of hot air beat down on Jiang Chen even from afar, making him feel like countless needles were stabbing into him in an exceedingly uncomfortable fashion.

“Since these Fire Ravens have released their spirit power and formed this fire attribute force field, it means that they are surely summoning their leader. It looks like the king of the Fire Ravens is about to appear.”

Jiang Chen was privately astonished. The destructive abilities of a couple thousand fire ravens were vastly superior to the million strong Swordbird Army he’d possessed previously!

After all, the Swordbirds were all mortal rank creatures...

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