Chapter 308: A Frightening Massacre

Chapter 308: A Frightening Massacre

Jiang Chen took a few steps back and hid his body within a crack of a random rock outcropping.

The scene he’d just witnessed cooled his head.

Based on his visual estimation, the strength of the Fire Ravens just now were the equivalent of the human first level spirit realm. If it was just the two of them, then they weren’t much of a threat.

However, according to Jiang Chen’s speculation, if this wondrous flower brimming with spirit power was indeed the companion of another spirit creature, then it wouldn’t just be two Fire Ravens guarding it.

He was basically certain that the two Fire Ravens were just the small fry.

For two Fire Ravens equivalent to the first level spirit realm to only be pawns, then most likely, an incredibly frightening level of existence was hidden within this mountain face.

“It looks like I can only use wits instead of brute force. I’ve also got to investigate how many more Fire Ravens are hidden within the mountain face.”

As a stranger in a strange place, although Jiang Chen had his sights set on the flower, he didn’t give in to his impuls...

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