Chapter 307: The Divine Tree of Dreams

Chapter 307: The Divine Tree of Dreams

“What’s going on?”

Jiang Chen suddenly shook himself awake just before he drifted off to sleep. His strong strength of heart transformed into a bolt of lightning towards his consciousness, cleaving apart his sleepy internal demon.


Jiang Chen felt his brain buzz continuously.

He regained clarity in the next moment, his forehead beaded with sweat. He’d almost... almost really fallen asleep just now.

What was going on?

Jiang Chen’s heart palpitated with fright as he sprang up and away like a rabbit.

He had truly been one step away from falling asleep just now.

However, the strength of the heart of an earth spirit realm practitioner was great. How was it possible that he’d almost fallen asleep, with no forewarning at all?

Without a doubt, the problem didn’t lie with him.

Since it wasn’t an issue with him, then it was an issue with the environment. This seemingly placid forest embodied a frightening power to hypnotize people.

Jiang Chen sniffed the air as a thought passed through his mind. “The Divine Tree of Dreams?”

Some memory fragments from his past life jumped out in Jiang Chen’s mind. He looked...

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