Chapter 306: The Strong Determine Their Destinies

Chapter 306: The Strong Determine Their Destinies

The strong controlled their fates.

The weak were directed by their destinies.

Jiang Chen’s heart was more resolute than anyone’s in that he would be the one to dictate his own destiny in this life. He would never be a weakling and be at the mercy of the fates!

The organizer’s voice continued to sound by his ear as he made up his mind.

“Alright, everyone rest tonight. The Valley of Destruction will be opened tomorrow. You will face the trial of fortune for the next ten days.”

All the remaining practitioners all began to wind down and rest after the main organizer’s order.

Jiang Chen sat cross legged and began to solidify his training at the fourth level spirit realm.

To breakthrough in the midst of battle was a very risky move. Now that he had a night of rest, he naturally was going to make use of this to solidify his training.

After all, hed’d been splitting his concentration when battling the golem and had been unable to stabilize his new level.

He would make use of this time to rectify the situation.

Out of the five trials, four had passed,...

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