Chapter 306: The Strong Determine Their Destinies

Chapter 306: The Strong Determine Their Destinies

The strong controlled their fates.

The weak were directed by their destinies.

Jiang Chen’s heart was more resolute than anyone’s in that he would be the one to dictate his own destiny in this life. He would never be a weakling and be at the mercy of the fates!

The organizer’s voice continued to sound by his ear as he made up his mind.

“Alright, everyone rest tonight. The Valley of Destruction will be opened tomorrow. You will face the trial of fortune for the next ten days.”

All the remaining practitioners all began to wind down and rest after the main organizer’s order.

Jiang Chen sat cross legged and began to solidify his training at the fourth level spirit realm.

To breakthrough in the midst of battle was a very risky move. Now that he had a night of rest, he naturally was going to make use of this to solidify his training.

After all, hed’d been splitting his concentration when battling the golem and had been unable to stabilize his new level.

He would make use of this time to rectify the situation.

Out of the five trials, four had passed, and his results had been the most noteworthy among the rest, head and shoulders above the other practitioners.

Although Jiang Chen was happy, he didn’t forget himself.

“To emerge from the masses of the secular disciples is but a warm up act. The true challenge of this great selection is in the second selection. I must emerge from the second selection and obtain a spot in the final battle. I’d rather like to see how exceptional the first class geniuses of these so-called four great sects are!”

The mighty sentiment of heroism rose in Jiang Chen’s heart.

“In the world of martial dao, hiding one’s capacities and biding one’s time may result in self protection, but a lack of revealing one’s abilities may result in being bullied and suppressed wherever one goes. I, Jiang Chen, either chooses not to show my light, or stun all with a single move. With my current foundations, the sixteen kingdom alliance can no longer contain me, so why should I continue to hold myself in check?”

When he thought about the Purple Sun Sect disciples’ arrogant faces in the Eastern Kingdom and how his hated rival Long Juxue had been taken away when she’d been about to be destroyed, a repeated sense of repulsion grew in his heart.

So what if he had the Skylaurel Medallion in the Skylaurel Kingdom? Those from the Precious Tree Sect had provoked him without fear time and time again, oppressing him, and even desiring to drive him into the ground. If it hadn’t been for Ye Chonglou’s protection, his circumstances might have been even worse.

The forefather from the Purple Sun Sect had even interrogated him with a harsh air for the matter of the magnetic golden mountain in the legacy territory.

As a practitioner, no matter strong or weak, would have their own self respect on the path of martial dao.

The oppression of power had not only not crushed Jiang Chen’s feelings regarding martial dao, but had sparked his own pride and his rebellious feelings.

“How dare a mere sixteen kingdom alliance think of suppressing me? How dare they restrict me at every step? Why must I cower and bow in front of these people?”

“The strong determine their own destinies. From now on, I will not retreat even half a step in this sixteen kingdom alliance. If no one troubles me, I will not make trouble for them. If anyone troubles me, I will return it to them tenfold!”

Jiang Chen had thoroughly stabilized the level of his spirit ocean after a night and had cleaned out all the impurities from his body. With this, Jiang Chen’s spirit ocean grew even stronger.

One had to say, a spirit ocean crafted from the Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill was indeed superior. Jiang Chen could clearly feel that his spirit ocean was brimming with potential, and the more his realm rose, the more apparent the boundless feeling of this potential.

“Perhaps the potential of this body is far below than that of an innate constitution, but through my efforts and my abilities in changing my destiny, I trust that I will walk a further path than those with so-called innate constitutions! So what of a constitution? Potential determines only the height of one’s starting point, but doesn’t determine how far one will be able to go!”

Jiang Chen thought of Long Juxue and all their prior grudges.

“Long Juxue, I hope your innate constitution doesn’t disappoint me when we meet again.”

Jiang Chen opened his eyes as an almost intangible beam of golden light pierced through the clouds, somehow reflecting the splendor of the rising sun.

“Mm? To think that the level of the God’s Eye has also risen after I’ve broken through to the earth spirit realm. In that case, I can train the last two moves of the ‘Moonshatter Flying Daggers’.

Jiang Chen stood up happily. It was about time for the fifth trial.

The eight thousand lucky practitioners were all gathered outside a mountain valley.

“The fifth trial is about to begin. I will emphasize this one last time. No one will be actively eliminated in this trial, but that doesn’t mean that no one will be eliminated. Remember, the only way you will be eliminated in this trial is by death.”

“There are those who will set foot on the golden path in this trial as well as those who will walk upon the path of hell. Everyone has their own fates. There are no restrictions in this trial. The only thing you must do is to stay alive.”

No restrictions?

What did this mean? This meant that the rules allowed candidates to kill and scheme against each other.

“Mm? These rules encourage the candidates to fight each other?” Jiang Chen’s thoughts spun exceedingly quickly, quickly gleaning this meaning from the organizer’s words.

Of course, he was utterly fearless.

“I hope nothing happens. If any idiot dares set his sights on me, then it’s his unlucky day.” Jiang Chen laughed coldly in his heart.

The organizer smiled remotely, “There are no rankings in this trial. All those who remain alive will make it into the second selection. But of course, not only will danger exist, but so will various gains. Various dangers exist within the Valley of Destruction, but they lie amidst numerous treasures. Remember, it is said that fortune walks closely with risk. Finally, whatever you obtain and however much you gain, it will belong to you. The sects will not be able to take the slightest bit away. Now, whoever doesn’t wish to take this risk can step out. There is still time to change your mind.”

Doesn’t want to take this risk?

That was a useless question. Of those who had made it to this step, who wouldn’t think that he was a proud son of heaven, someone born with great fortune?

How could they have passed through the four trials and made it to this step without luck and fortune?

Fortune in the face of great risk!

The eight thousand practitioners were well aware that there would be untold risk, challenge, and gain in this trial.

This was a gamble of who had the better luck and stronger vitality!

To train in martial dao, one should never fear danger or yearn for life. That was one of the basic psychological requirements of each practitioner.

Therefore, the only thing that greeted the organizer was a reply in unison. “We have no regrets and are willing to strive with our lives!”

Gratified, the main organizer smiled and waved his hands. “Since this is the case, come forward. There is a transportation array at the entrance that will take you to the Valley of Destruction. Remember, ten days time. Stay alive and meet with more fortuitous occurrences!”

All the practitioners surged through the entrance with looks of excitement.

The organizer also sighed in his heart as he watched the figures disappear through the entrance. “What a pity. If I was ten or so years younger, I wouldn’t be willing to pass this opportunity by. It’s a pity that it’s exceedingly difficult to open a doorway to the legacy territory.”

A great price had to be paid to open the legacy territory.

Therefore, even those of the four great sects likely would only have one chance to enter the legacy territory in their lives.

Most of the sects had never set foot into the Valley of Destruction.

The forefathers had paid a great price and could still only keep the entrance open for ten days. All participants would be automatically ejected when ten days was up.

This was why the organizer was feeling thus, that these secular disciples were incredibly lucky to encounter the great selection and the moment when the forefathers were cultivating talents with complete disregard for the price.

When Jiang Chen followed the group to the entrance of the valley, a beam of white light surrounded his body and swallowed his body, sending it into the valley.

Jiang Chen’s vision returned to normal after the white light had vanished.

He deployed God’s Eye and Psychic’s Head to the extreme, cautiously assessing his surroundings.

A noticeably desolate valley and a lush forest greeted the eye. Every large tree seemed to be ten thousand years old, only able to be spanned by many people holding their hands together.

The body of one person seemed particularly small in this deep valley, particularly under those towering trees. It was as if Jiang Chen had stepped into a giant’s world.

He recalled the organizer’s warning that everyone’s experience in the Valley of Destruction was different. Some could pick up a treasure with a bend of their waist, others could sprain their ankle just walking on the path.

This was to say that no one knew if treasure or fatal danger awaited ahead of them in the Valley of Destruction.

Jiang Chen wouldn’t be rash whether it was for treasure or danger.

Staying alive would always be the highest priority.

Jiang Chen looked around and still didn't feel any sense of danger from his surroundings. He felt that the sunlight filtering through the canopy gave one a very leisurely feeling.

“The sun is shining so gaily in this Valley of Destruction. It’s truly hard to believe that this is a place brimming with danger.” Jiang Chen sat down cross legged and leaned against a tree.

He felt that the surroundings were rather a nice place for training.

At least there was sufficient spirit power.

The breeze was pleasantly warm, the swaying tree branches and dappled sunlight gave Jiang Chen quite a lazy feeling. He vaguely felt a desire to rest here.

This desire became uncontrollable when it appeared. It was like a psychological hint, making Jiang Chen’s emotions more and more relaxed and at peace.

It was like the rhythm of the branches swaying were the most wondrous lullaby in this world, continuously destabilizing Jiang Chen’s mental defenses.

“I should rest since the surroundings are so lovely.” This notion kept rising in Jiang Chen’s mind, continuously hinting at him.

“Hmm?” A disharmonious thought suddenly rose in Jiang Chen’s consciousness. “Why can I rest after arriving in a foreign place?”

Countless hypnotizing thoughts immediately surged in his mind, attempting to shoo this stray thought away.

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