Chapter 305: The Fifth Trial, the Valley of Destruction

Chapter 305: The Fifth Trial, the Valley of Destruction

Jiang Chen’s spirit ocean had just endured the baptism of tumultuous waves and became as beautiful and impressive as a rainbow after the rain.

“Is… is this the allure of the earth spirit realm?” Jiang Chen could feel the spirituality and strength of his spirit ocean and how it embodied endless life force.

Compared to the previous small spirit realm, there was a noticeable increase in quality.

Wham, wham, wham.

Jiang Chen briefly deployed his spirit ocean and could feel the subtle accents of both thunder and wind in his spirit ocean.

It seemed that the level of one’s spirit ocean in the earth spirit realm was indeed quite extraordinarily different!

Jiang Chen could feel that the level of his spirit ocean was twofold, or even threefold what it’d been before.

He could feel vigorous vitality suffuse his entire body and boundless life force surging and flowing within his body, as if a slowly awakening beast wanting to burst out of the bonds of its imprisonment.

“Good, good! To make a breakthrough in the midst of battle, this ought to sweep away all the dejection of the past couple of days!” Jiang Chen felt a wave of heroism rise when he felt his...

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