Chapter 304: The Decision of Victory in the Midst of Risk

Chapter 304: The Decision of Victory in the Midst of Risk

This particular seal had departed from Jiang Chen’s usual dragon-like momentum, and had transformed into one that seemed as harmless as a snowflake.

Only Jiang Chen knew that his seal contained magnetic force, which he’d formed into countless restraining forces, and was now raining down countless seals to form a magnetic force-field.

This technique was still the “Obscure Seal of Life and Death”, but he’d infused the magnetic force from the magnetic golden mountain into it, and had turned it into a spirit chain imbued with magnetic restraining power.

Even if this battle were to take place in the outside world, it’s likely that very few would’ve understand the intricacies of his moves.

Those with a keen eye would only be able to see that Jiang Chen had used the seal in order to coalesce a force-field.

Before the force-field was fully formed, the magnetic force didn’t have much restraining force to it. It flowed through the air, and was exceedingly difficult to discern.

However, once it took shape, the restraining force it produced would be incredibly frightening.

Jiang Chen had only refined the magnetic heart a short while ago. Otherwise, he’d...

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