Chapter 303: Jiang Chen’s Goal

Chapter 303: Jiang Chen’s Goal

“It looks like this freak with a boulder’s heart is finally going to get his comeuppance?” An organizer chuckled.

“Mm. It’s not necessarily a bad thing for a young genius to get a face full of dirt.”

“Things are a bit odd this time. He finished with the fifth level difficulty in less than fifteen minutes, but he’s been in the seventh level chamber for two days? Even if he is having a difficult time, it shouldn’t take him this long, should it?”

Indeed, it’d been two days since Jiang Chen had started his second challenge.

Meanwhile, the other practitioners had also started their challenges in these two days.

However, Jiang Chen had yet to emerge during this time.

The organizers even started to wonder if Jiang Chen was up to the challenge!

In truth, Jiang Chen hadn’t sunk into a difficult battle like the outside world had thought. On the contrary, he had made tremendous gains.

Through sparring with the golem, his comprehension of the ‘Obscure Seal of Life and Death’ had continued to increase and there were signs that he was about to break through from the great perfection...

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