Chapter 302: Passing Easily

Chapter 302: Passing Easily

“I will challenge the fifth level.” Jiang Chen said.

“What?” The organizer was startled. To start off at the fifth level, wasn’t that too risky?

“The fifth level is equivalent to the second level spirit realm. You’ll face a golem of the second level spirit realm in it, and you can only deploy the ‘Obscure Seal of Life and Death’. Have you made your decision?”

The organizer was rather kind hearted as he said a reminder to Jiang Chen because he felt that this young man’s decision was simply too risky.

Ordinarily speaking, those who could pass the fifth level were absolutely able to rank at the top. They had hope of being in the top eighty, not to mention just the top eight thousand.

Usually, the wisest choice for candidates was either the first or second level secret chambers.

That would be the equivalent of a true qi realm golem. Candidates could get in some practice, familiarize themselves with the technique, and warm up.

To challenge the fifth level on his first try, that was an absolute...

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