Chapter 302: Passing Easily

Chapter 302: Passing Easily

“I will challenge the fifth level.” Jiang Chen said.

“What?” The organizer was startled. To start off at the fifth level, wasn’t that too risky?

“The fifth level is equivalent to the second level spirit realm. You’ll face a golem of the second level spirit realm in it, and you can only deploy the ‘Obscure Seal of Life and Death’. Have you made your decision?”

The organizer was rather kind hearted as he said a reminder to Jiang Chen because he felt that this young man’s decision was simply too risky.

Ordinarily speaking, those who could pass the fifth level were absolutely able to rank at the top. They had hope of being in the top eighty, not to mention just the top eight thousand.

Usually, the wisest choice for candidates was either the first or second level secret chambers.

That would be the equivalent of a true qi realm golem. Candidates could get in some practice, familiarize themselves with the technique, and warm up.

To challenge the fifth level on his first try, that was an absolute joke! Did this candidate want to shoot himself in the foot?

Jiang Chen flashed a friendly smile to express his gratitude. He did indeed feel the organizer’s kindness through his reminder.

He still nodded resolutely, “Yes, the fifth level. I’ve decided.”

Seeing that the candidate himself was this firm, the organizer naturally couldn’t force him to go against his will. He sighed lightly and nodded, “Alright, this is the entrance to the fifth level. You will enter by yourself. Remember, the time of your challenge will become the basis of your ranking.”

Although the organizer didn’t know who Jiang Chen was, he still rather admired such a young man with such daring and courage.

Jiang Chen stepped forward, pushed open the door, walked through it and felt it close slowly behind him.

The organizer looked at the slowly closing door and shook his head lightly, “When had the ordinary disciples become this impulsive? The ordinary disciples in my memory have always been quite cautious, due to lack of resources and knowledge. They’ve always been timid and fearful. This young man is rather odd.”

The other organizers had walked over.

It was obvious that they were also curious about the candidate who had finished understanding the technique in six hours. They couldn’t help but ask, “What level did that candidate choose?”

“Guess!” The organizer purposely put on an air of mystery.

“I’m guessing that it would be the first level, the lowest level. That fellow most likely wants to make use of the easiest level to determine his battle capabilities.”

“Indeed! He must want to deepen his understanding through practical combat. If he could fully digest this technique in six hours, then his powers of comprehension would be much too strong!”

“It’s also possible that he’s practiced the ‘Obscure Seal of Life and Death’ before?” An organizer proposed. He didn’t believe that anyone would be able to fully comprehend a technique in six hours.

“Heh heh… ” The organizer smiled bizarrely. “He chose the fifth level.”


“The fifth level? You’re joking!”

“That’s impossible! To attempt the fifth level after learning this technique for six hours, unless he wants to die, it’s complete horseshit that he wants to fight a second level spirit realm golem with an unpracticed technique!”

The organizer shrugged his shoulders with a wry smile, “Believe what you will. He’s gone into the fifth level chamber at any rate.”

“Crazy, truly mad. Even if he is the freak with the boulder’s heart that they mentioned before with incredible potential, he’ll still be beside himself with regret if he comes out worse for the wear after attempting such a difficult level!”

“The young are arrogant, perhaps his earlier successes have inflated his head?”

“The ordinary practitioners still lack that bit of calmness without the cultivation from the sects.”

The organizers all sighed with emotion, patently not thinking much about Jiang Chen’s actions.

The main organizer also sighed, “I also subtly hinted all this to him, but he was quite resolute and he didn’t seem like someone who could be convinced.”

“Then it’s right that he should suffer for his lack of flexibility.”

“Uh huh, if he really is that freak with the boulder’s heart, then the four sects will still fight over him, even if he fails the trial.”

That was also the truth. Although this was a trial and the rules were the rules, Jiang Chen’s previous performance as a genius of the heart, superior spirit potential, and being the last to be bounced out of the magnetic golden mountain destined him to be a hot commodity.

The doors to the chamber opened again as the organizers were chatting.

Jiang Chen walked out with a leisurely expression. It looked like the edges of his clothes hadn’t even been ruffled, that he’d gone in only for a cup of tea.

“What?!” The organizers all goggled. “What are you doing out here?”

“Can I not leave after the exam is over?” Jiang Chen was taken aback.

“What? Over?”

It was indeed over. When the organizers confirmed this point, their expressions became quite a sight to see.

They had thought very little of him, but this candidate had taken care of the golem of the fifth level with a shake of his body. This candidate had settled things so quickly that it was like it had been as simple as killing a fly.

Had cheating occurred?

There were countless eyes surveilling the secret chambers. A candidate would be immediately disqualified if they used any other martial arts technique.

This was to say that this candidate had truly used the ‘Obscure Seal of Life and Death’ to pass the exam and crush the gatekeeper of this level.

Jiang Chen’s results were recorded in his token.

The organizer’s tone was noticeably more polite when he returned the token to Jiang Chen. “Young man, will you continue your challenge?”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “I’ve gained some knowledge in this battle. I need to digest these new findings and I will return in an hour.”

In an hour!?

All the other organizers were stunned. There were a full ten days allotted for this trial.

There was no need for the candidates to be in such a hurry.

The main organizer sighed as he watched Jiang Chen walked out. “We’ve truly grown old. When did such a perverse genius appear in the mundane world?”

“Haha, interesting, how very interesting! I really want to know who this fellow is behind the mask!”

“I’m guessing that it’s one of the outer disciples of the four sects, stooping in order to conquer, biding his time in order to emerge from the masses in the great selection.”

It wasn’t that the organizers thought too little of the mundane disciples, but that their first thought was still that, it made more sense for such a genius to appear in the outer arms of the four sects.

Even though it was the outer arms, they were still somewhat linked to the sects even if they couldn’t enjoy the core resources of the sects.

It was possible that a couple geniuses would appear in the outer arms of the sects every now and then.

Jiang Chen appeared as he said he would, an hour later.

He once again jumped levels and wanted to challenge the seventh level.

The fifth level was the equivalent of second level spirit realm, but the seventh was at the peak of third level.

He was one step away from the earth spirit realm, and the difficulty of the seventh level was much greater than the fifth level.

Some of the organizers looked at Jiang Chen with an odd look when they saw that he’d risen to the seventh level in one go.

They didn’t dare suspect this crazy genius now, but they also wanted to see how far this genius could go.

When the door to the seventh level secret chamber closed slowly, the main organizer sighed once again. “We had thought that he was the crazy one, arrogant beyond belief and having the vision of a frog in a well from the ordinary world. It turns out that we were the ones with the limited outlook instead.”

These words made some of the organizers unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

Although they didn’t care for these words, they made sense.

The golem of the peak of the third level was indeed much stronger than before.

Jiang Chen realized that this golem wouldn’t be a pushover as soon as he came face to face with it!

However, he too was at the peak of the third level spirit realm as well. Add to that his various advantages, he would still be able to flit through this level with ease.

But, Jiang Chen didn’t pursue a quick fight this time.

On the contrary, he was actually sparring with the golem, making use of it to train himself.

If he’d sought speed in the first challenge, then he was aiming for slowness in the second challenge.

He would be able to comprehend the essence of the technique through a slow battle.

He was going to make use of this opponent with the same level of strength as him to harden himself, continuously perfecting the ‘Obscure Seal of Life and Death’ and pursue the legendary realm of mastery.

He was well aware that he could challenge at most the eighth level of difficulty if he reached the level of perfection.

Although the difficulty of the eighth level was enough for him to be on top, Jiang Chen’s goal was the challenge the highest level of difficulty. He would challenge the peak since he had entered the trial. Such was the true essence of martial dao.

The golem in the highest difficulty level was the equivalent of an earth spirit realm practitioner at fifth level spirit realm.

However, the golems wouldn’t be as capricious nor as wily as humans.

However, the level of their strength was there. Jiang Chen wanted to make use of practical combat to increase his understanding of the ‘Obscure Seal of Life and Death’. Using practical combat to increase his own combat skills was his strategy.

He would have hope of battling the tenth level chamber golem only if he comprehended the legendary realm of this technique and deployed it beyond the level of great perfection.


Jiang Chen flung out a hand seal that was the same as the one that the golem was forming. His body danced like falling leaves as his left hand cast out another seal.

Wham wham wham!

The blows rang out continuously as air currents suddenly exploded in the chamber, forcing high pitched sounds from the air, witnessing the ferocity of the fight.

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