Chapter 301: The Fourth Trial, the Perverse Genius Continues (Teaser)

Chapter 301: The Fourth Trial, the Perverse Genius Continues

No matter the reason why an origin realm old monster had set his sights on him, Jiang Chen still felt quite ticked off about it.

However, as daring as Sunchaser was and as domineering as his personality was, he still wouldn’t be able to directly harm Jiang Chen whilst he was within the legacy territory.

After all, there were three other forefathers present within. Doing as he pleased would surely enrage the other three sects.

Less than twenty thousand candidates of the original four hundred thousand remained after the first three trials had ended.

Even so, that was still an impressive number.

The fourth trial was practical combat,  which was the most likely to result in injuries out of all of them.

The remaining twenty thousand candidates were the cream of the crop. With fervent eyes and vigorous spirits, they were all chomping at the bit, craving the opportunity to show off their skills in the fourth trial.

“The fourth trial tests one’s practical combat capabilities, as well as one’s martial arts techniques.”

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