Chapter 300: Interrogation and Friendly Indications

Chapter 300: Interrogation and Friendly Indications

Everyone looked dumbly at the empty field in front of them, their minds buzzing with questions.

The magnetic golden mountain had vanished right in front of their eyes. This scene had destroyed all the knowledge that they had painstakingly built up throughout half of their lives.

The four forefathers had also come in pursuit of answers. The four figures stood out in front, looking at the empty ground left in the wake of the vanished magnetic golden mountain. Shock was writ large in their eyes.

They looked at each other, traces of wariness beginning to appear in each other’s eyes.

Even the forefathers wouldn’t be at ease if changes had taken place in the legacy territory of ancient times.

The appearance of this bizarre scene belied their previous self assurance.

Jiang Chen was now sitting cross legged with the other disciples that had passed. He had arrived in the midst of this crowd when the golden light exploded, catching no one’s attention nor appearing out of place.

As for the golden magnetic mountain, he’d naturally put it away by now.

And of course, he wouldn’t give even the slightest clue of his involvement in such an earth shattering issue.

Although his potential was quite strong, much trouble...

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