Chapter 298: A Transaction and A Compromise

Chapter 298: A Transaction and A Compromise

Since the Lord of the Golden Seal was a spirit entity, it was a bit less crafty compared to humans.

Since it’d spoken thus, it was a true representation of its thoughts.

Jiang Chen mused silently and nodded, “Your power has to awaken to the point of surpassing the level of this mountain if you wish to leave. However, you also know that your body was formed and nurtured from the mountain. As high as your level of awakening can get, it will never surpass that of the mountain itself. Thus, this is a paradox. Theoretically speaking, you can never leave the mountain, unless…”

“Unless what?” The being asked anxiously.

“Unless you receive outside aid or the master of the mountain is willing to forgo the mountain and allow it to be fully absorbed by you, allowing you to become the mountain or the mountain become you!”

“You mean for the mountain and I to fully become one?” The figure asked.

“That’s roughly it, but with the will of the original master controlling you, how will you possibly become one with the mountain?”

The Lord of the Golden Seal was...

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