Chapter 297: The Test from the Lord of the Golden Seal

Chapter 297: The Test from the Lord of the Golden Seal

The lord’s enormous body suddenly took a step forward.

It pointed his thick arms and spoke lowly, “Human, don’t think of playing any sort of tricks. On this magnetic golden mountain, all your thoughts are reflected through this magnetic mirror.”

The figure’s arm swept in an arc as it spoke. It seemed to turn stones to gold as golden flecks shimmered up from a radius of several hundred meters. They formed countless numbers polished metal mirrors. They were scattered with some sort of pattern all around, segmenting the air into an endless number of fragments and seemingly pulling Jiang Chen into an alternate universe.

All of the mirrors were reflecting a countless number of Jiang Chens alongside with all of his thoughts.

Jiang Chen was greatly astonished as a few rumors regarding the magnetic golden mountain floated up in his mind.

These mirrors were formed of the magnetic force of the mountain altering gravity, causing temporal rifts to form and disrupting dimensions.

These magnetic mirrors not only...

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