Chapter 297: The Test from the Lord of the Golden Seal

Chapter 297: The Test from the Lord of the Golden Seal

The lord’s enormous body suddenly took a step forward.

It pointed his thick arms and spoke lowly, “Human, don’t think of playing any sort of tricks. On this magnetic golden mountain, all your thoughts are reflected through this magnetic mirror.”

The figure’s arm swept in an arc as it spoke. It seemed to turn stones to gold as golden flecks shimmered up from a radius of several hundred meters. They formed countless numbers polished metal mirrors. They were scattered with some sort of pattern all around, segmenting the air into an endless number of fragments and seemingly pulling Jiang Chen into an alternate universe.

All of the mirrors were reflecting a countless number of Jiang Chens alongside with all of his thoughts.

Jiang Chen was greatly astonished as a few rumors regarding the magnetic golden mountain floated up in his mind.

These mirrors were formed of the magnetic force of the mountain altering gravity, causing temporal rifts to form and disrupting dimensions.

These magnetic mirrors not only could reflect all beings beneath heavens, they could even reveal a person’s thoughts. They were incredible beyond imagination.

Jiang Chen knew that there was certainly some wondrous telepathic abilities on these mirrors that they could depict a person’s thoughts.

However, thanks to this, he was forced to be on the passive side.

Jiang Chen deployed the Boulder’s Heart and concealed all of his thoughts.

Indeed, his thoughts were blocked as soon as the Boulder’s Heart was activated. All of the mirrors suddenly lost their subject and the images within them became blurry and indistinct.

“Mm?” The Lord of the Golden Seal started. “Human, you’ve practiced the arts of the heart and mind? With your mere capabilities at third level spirit realm?”

This Lord of the Golden Seal was strong alright, it’d sized up Jiang Chen’s level of strength with one look.

“However, it’s still useless even if you’ve concealed your thoughts.” The lord’s tone was remote. “There are only two outcomes for all humans who reach this place.”

“The first one ends in death.”

“The second one is that they pass my test and become the master of this magnetic golden mountain.” The lord’s tone was very brittle, completely lacking human emotion as if a pre-programmed system. “There is no third alternative.”

Even the four forefathers possessed only surface level knowledge of the magnetic golden mountain.

They’d naturally never come to the tenth level before.

“You’ve sealed off your consciousness so that the mirrors cannot detect your thoughts. Your skills are quite good. This lord says one more time, either pass the test or die.”

Jiang Chen knew that the lord was likely not blustering.

“How does one pass the test?” Jiang Chen asked. He knew that he was caught between a rock and a hard place now. Judging from this figure’s tone, there was no way out for him at all.

“Very simple. Answer one of my questions, then take one of my blows.”

“That easy?” Jiang Chen was incredulous.

“Easy?” The figure laughed coldly. “Anyone who’s ever come here has also said the same thing, but they’ve now all become ghosts haunting the mountain.”

“What?” Jiang Chen was slightly startled. “There were others who have been here before?”

“Others? There have been countless numbers of people who have come here ever since ancient times. However, as time elapsed, those who have come have been becoming weaker and weaker. It’s because of this decrease in strength that the level of my awakening has become lower and lower.”

“Ai, this is actually quite a lonely thing. When can I fully awaken again?” The Lord of the Golden Seal sighed.

“Level of awakening?” Jiang Chen immediately thought of the little beetle’s words. Then, the Cicada’s memory heritage was correct? The level of awakening of the Lord of the Golden Seal is indeed determined by the level of strength of practitioners who make it thus far?

The stronger a challenger was, the more magnetic force he would provoke out of the mountain, and the stronger all the tests on all floors.

The stronger the level of awakening from the figure as well.

Jiang Chen’s shifting thoughts were reflected by the mirrors. The golden being snorted coldly, “It’s that busybody little beetle who told you my name alright. Humph. That’s of no matter. On this mountain, the rules are impartial to all who makes it here!”

“Human, make your choice! Either be killed or face my test!”

Obviously, no one would choose to be killed on the spot.

Jiang Chen was confident that there was a ray of hope in answering a question for the test.

“I choose to face the test.” Jiang Chen’s eyes were resolute as he met the golden being’s eyes.

“Good!” The Lord of the Golden Seal nodded faintly. “Although no one’s ever successfully passed the test, I can feel that you’re a little bit different from the others. I hope your answer will not disappoint. Remember, the quality of your answer will determine the difficulty of the next test.”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Chen’s gaze focused sharply.

“If your answer is satisfactory, then perhaps my blow will be very gentle and just a symbolic gesture. If your answer disappoints, then you will face a fierce blow at my full strength.”

The Lord of the Golden Seal broke out in a wide grin as cruelty raced across its face. “You should know that out of all those who have come before, their answers have greatly, greatly disappointed me.”

“So they all died from one of your blows at full force?”

“Yes, you’re quite smart.” The golden being laughed coldly. “You will be the same. Don’t think that you’ll have any trump cards or special abilities that will be able to withstand one of my wild blows. Remember, the magnetic mirrors are reflecting all of your thoughts and I know full well all of your trump cards. Therefore, my wildest blow will take into account all of your abilities and won’t give you the slightest chance to survive.”

“This is to say that my life and death will be determined by how I answer this question?” Jiang Chen was a bit speechless.

This Lord of the Golden Seal was an interesting character alright, to set down such an… interesting rule.

“Don’t think I’m odd, I’m just a puppet of the one who created the golden magnetic mountain. Everything I do is a function of a strand of thought that he’s left in my body. Only those who pass the test will receive the magnetic heart, be able to replace the original master, and claim the mountain, receiving the heritage of the magnetic golden mountain. Before that, what compels me is the will of the original owner.”

“Original owner? Who was he?”

“I don’t know.” The Lord of the Golden Seal shook his head. “He’s only left a strand of will in my body. I know nothing of when and how this mountain appeared. Ever since I was born and became conscious, I’ve been under the control of this will. I don’t know who the original owner is and cannot receive any answers in the magnetic golden mountain.”

The being’s expression darkened. “Alright, human. I’ve spoken a lot more with you because you seemed a bit different from other humans. It’s your turn to answer my questions next.”

Jiang Chen’s expression was severe as he nodded. “Alright, ask away.”

“My question is this. How is a spirit creature such as me, with no parents, no flesh and blood, formed out of energy between the heavens and earth to leave this mountain? Am I able to exist if I leave this mountain?”

“Is this one question?” This was plainly two!

“It’s two questions, but there’s only one meaning underlying them.“ The golden figure responded coldly.

Jiang Chen smiled, “Lord of the Golden Seal, I only ask you, will your blow be lighter if my response is satisfactory?”

“Stop talking nonsense! If your answer is satisfactory and not empty bluster, then I will definitely be satisfied. As long as I am satisfied, then I will hit lighter. Remember, don’t use nonsense to fool me. Those who had come before tried to play some tricks and enraged me instead.”

Jiang Chen nodded and smiled leisurely, “Those who had come before of course had no way of answering your question. However, I’m an exception.”

“Oh? You’re this confident?” The lord smiled coldly.

“Yes.” Jiang Chen was greatly self assured. “I can tell you now that between the heavens and earth, the countless numbers of spirit creatures are mostly free. But your spirit body is formed and nurtured from the magnetic mountain, and it won’t be that easy to break free of it. But of course, there are still methods to.”

“Mm?” The golden being was expressionless as it fixed its eyes on Jiang Chen. The mirrors sparkled and twinkled, attempting to reflect Jiang Chen’s thoughts.

However, the defenses of Jiang Chen’s Boulder’s Heart made the mirrors come up empty handed.

“Alright, human, I admit that you’re different from the others. The others responded almost without thinking that I can leave the mountain and still live afterwards. However, the mirrors quickly reveal their true, inner thoughts and unmask their lies. In reality, they didn’t know the answer to this question either and was just fawning up to me with their answers.”

“You’re different from them, you’re also smarter. At least, I am unable to find evidence of you lying. Therefore, I won’t use my full strength in my blow, just seventy percent. Although you may not be able to withstand it, you’ll at least have a chance to live.” The Lord of the Golden Seal adhered to its principles.

The golden mirrors couldn’t reflect his inner thoughts and so the being couldn’t find evidence that Jiang Chen was lying. Therefore, it wouldn’t use its full strength in the next blow, just seventy percent of it.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “My answer is not yet complete. Does the Lord of the Golden Seal not have interest in hearing me out?”

The golden figure froze, “What do you mean? You… you have a way to help me leave?“

Jiang Chen nodded his head resolutely. “I naturally have my ways, but I can tell you that it won’t be easy.”

“How difficult will it be?” The being asked.

“Difficult, very difficult. It will be impossible without the outside help.” Jiang Chen sighed.

“What do you mean?” The Lord of the Golden Seal kept a close eye on the mirrors. He noticed that thus far, the human hadn’t lied and the mirrors hadn’t shown any sign of movement.

Therefore, he decided to keep asking.

“Tell me. No matter how difficult it is, as long as you tell me truthfully, no matter how unrealistic it is, I can control the strength of my next blow to be at thirty percent of my strength. If at thirty percent, you’ll have a fifty percent chance of living.”

The Lord of the Golden Seal was now truly tempted.

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