Chapter 296: The Lord of the Golden Seal

Chapter 296: The Lord of the Golden Seal

Although the golden axe creature had been burnt to cinders, it was far from enough to cow the other monsters. Their lack of consciousness had erased all fear of death, or even the notion of death itself.

Countless monsters shot out from the ravine, their numbers ever increasing. They’d cut off all paths of retreat in the span of a few minutes.

Jiang Chen may be swift, but he wasn’t faster than them.

An endless tide of monsters greeted him no matter where he looked. Feeling the pressure, he hastily summoned all six fire lotuses to his side.

A tough battle was ahead of him.

His scalp tingled with numbness at the sight of the boundless golden tide. This wasn’t an even battle, it was just shameless bullying from a mob

The fighting capabilities of one or two golden monsters was nothing to fear, even eight or ten of them together weren’t too strong. 

However, hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of the golden creatures had gathered in one place. Their accumulated killing aura was an incredibly terrifying thing.

Jiang Chen himself could only barely manage to stand firm in the face of that lethal...

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