Chapter 295: Danger Lurks All Around

Chapter 295: Danger Lurks All Around

Just as the sense of danger enveloped him, the enormous statue’s eyes suddenly opened, and a frightening beam of light shot towards him with no forewarning.

In this critical moment, Jiang Chen closed his eyes and the Boulder’s Heart coated his consciousness in a protective layer.

The beam of light shot straight into his eyes in an attempt to break through to his consciousness from there.

The mental defenses of the Boulder’s Heart, however, obstructed this beam of light.

Jiang Chen felt his consciousness waver strongly as it was nearly shattered by this single blow. His muscles tightened in response. He felt that he was about to freeze spontaneously.

“This is bad!”

The ominous feeling grew even stronger in Jiang Chen’s mind as he restrained the horror in his heart, picked up his feet, and frantically ran forward.

He knew that he couldn’t afford to spend even a second longer in this place.

The beam of light that shot out from the statue’s eyes was capable of breaking through to the soul, attack it directly, and then completely solidify a person into metal and thus...

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