Chapter 291: A Magnetic Storm

Chapter 291: A Magnetic Storm

Just as the organizer had said, there wasn’t much pressure from the magnetic golden mountain at first. Climbing was as effortless as climbing a regular mountain.

The magnetic field fluctuated slightly on the second floor, but its influence was negligible to a practitioner.

Jiang Chen surged to the third floor in one go.

The magnetic force on the third floor was noticeably stronger than the second floor, but it still wasn’t enough to affect Jiang Chen’s footsteps.

Of course, he wasn’t the type to just heedlessly charge forward with brute force.

It would be an easy thing for Jiang Chen to break through to the fifth floor with his training of third level spirit realm.

After all, this was just the first selection, one that was geared towards ordinary practitioners. Its level of difficulty wouldn’t be so hard that someone of the third level spirit realm wouldn’t be able to pass it.

When he reached the fourth floor, Jiang Chen started seeing some who had charged forward too quickly and run out of strength. They sat on the steps of the fourth floor, planning on meditating...

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