Chapter 290: The Endless Mountain (Teaser)

Chapter 290: The Endless Mountain

The feeling of the land ripping asunder continued for a full hour before it slowly weakened.

Thick smoke that accompanied a volcano eruption billowed out of the cavern continuously.

The air was filled with hazy ash and it obscured everyone’s vision for a while.

When all of the smoke had cleared, all the organizers looked at each other, their faces full of surprise.

It was obvious that some violent change had happened in that cavern. In this regard, it looked like the freak with the boulder’s heart was most likely dead.

At this moment, an organizer rubbed his eyes as his pupils suddenly shrank swiftly, peering into the cavern entrance with a look of incredulity.

A figure imprinted itself into the eyeballs of all those assembled.

This figure was the freak genius that they had been discussing about endlessly just now.

“How… how is this possible?!” The Purple Sun Sect executive, who had been talking negatively the most just now, was utterly flabbergasted.

He’d been the one mouthing off the most, certain beyond a doubt that this so-called genius had long since been devoured by the heavenly fir...

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