Chapter 286: One with Genius Strength of Heart Has Appeared!

Chapter 286: One with Genius Strength of Heart Has Appeared!

However, just like they’d said, one had to indeed possess an incredible amount of strength of heart to make it to the Myriad Treasure Pavilion in half a day’s time.

Even if they were the four forefathers, the strength of their heart when they were young wasn’t up to the level where they could make it to the pavilion in half a day on the path of rebirth.

Setting foot into the pavilion was when the real tests began.

The level of illusion within the pavilion was higher than all those that had come before it.

If all the temptations, horror, and illusions of life and death were unable to defeat one with a strong strength of heart, then they would then face boundless temptation within the pavilion.

Those who could resist the temptations of methods and divine weapons were few and far in between.

After all, in the world of martial dao, particularly mundane practitioners, almost everyone lacked martial arts techniques and methods.

It was precisely this deprivation they had that made them hunger for these items. Since they hungered for them, how many could remain as unmoving as a mountain and refrain from browsing through them or not touch any of them at all?

“Even those with a strong strength...

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