Chapter 286: One with Genius Strength of Heart Has Appeared!

Chapter 286: One with Genius Strength of Heart Has Appeared!

However, just like they’d said, one had to indeed possess an incredible amount of strength of heart to make it to the Myriad Treasure Pavilion in half a day’s time.

Even if they were the four forefathers, the strength of their heart when they were young wasn’t up to the level where they could make it to the pavilion in half a day on the path of rebirth.

Setting foot into the pavilion was when the real tests began.

The level of illusion within the pavilion was higher than all those that had come before it.

If all the temptations, horror, and illusions of life and death were unable to defeat one with a strong strength of heart, then they would then face boundless temptation within the pavilion.

Those who could resist the temptations of methods and divine weapons were few and far in between.

After all, in the world of martial dao, particularly mundane practitioners, almost everyone lacked martial arts techniques and methods.

It was precisely this deprivation they had that made them hunger for these items. Since they hungered for them, how many could remain as unmoving as a mountain and refrain from browsing through them or not touch any of them at all?

“Even those with a strong strength of heart will most likely pass the Myriad Treasures Pavilion on the third day?”

“The third day?” Sunchaser smiled faintly. “Younger sister Icewind, you’re always so optimistic. A mere mundane practitioner passing through the pavilion on the third day? In my eyes, that’s completely impossible. Only the premier disciples of a sect can pass through the pavilion on the third day. I’d estimate that less than five of those exist in each sect, and these are the ones who have specifically trained in methods to strengthen one’s dao heart. If it’s those who have never focused on the mental arts, then I would estimate that they wouldn’t be able to pass through the pavilion in less than five days.”

The organizer in charge of the first trial had once said that one would pass if they completed the path in ten days. Completing it in eight days was above average, while five days meant that one was a genius in the matters of the mind, and making it out of the path of rebirth in three days was an unparalleled genius difficult to find in even a hundred years, and sure to gain the attention of the forefathers.

After all, not even many of the premier geniuses of the four great sects could make it through the path in three days.

“Old monster Sunchaser, you seem to be quite dismissive of the mundane practitioners, even though you were the one who discovered a genius with the azure phoenix constitution in the ordinary world.” Ninelion laughed sarcastically. “Can it be that you don’t wish for another genius to appear in the mundane world?”

Sunchaser smiled faintly, “It’s not that I don’t want to, but just that I’m objectively analyzing the situation. The ordinary world is still the ordinary world in the end. The resources out there are less than one percent of what the sects have. The rate in which geniuses will appear there are naturally less than one percent of the sects. How many geniuses do our four great sects boast of? In this regard, you will also know that finding a genius in the mundane world is akin to looking for a needle in the haystack.”

Thousandleaf smiled faintly and shook his head, not saying a word.

A cry of shock suddenly came from the control center. “How can this be?”

“This… this can’t be right?”

“No way? Someone made it through the Myriad Treasures Pavilion already? Hasn’t… hasn’t it only been half a day? It’s not even been a full day!”

“What a… a perverse genius! Is the mundane world is truly giving birth to such a perverse existence as this?!”

“Something must be wrong with the hints or with the path of rebirth itself. There’s no way that anyone could’ve made it to the Myriad Treasures Pavilion in just half a day, much less than pass through it.”

“Indeed! How many can withstand the enormous temptation of so many treasures within the pavilion? How can ordinary practitioners pay no heed to them? Impossible!”

The forefathers wouldn’t personally oversee the first selection.

Those who were crying out with shock were the senior executives that had been selected from the four sects and put in charge of overseeing the first trial.

The forefathers were all flabbergasted to hear waves of these undignified exclamations. Their gazes all drifted to the control center.

The control center would receive a notification whenever someone cleared the Myriad Treasures Pavilion. A green figure would appear for each person who had passed through.

“Ridiculous! The path of rebirth is a legacy territory of the ancient times, how could there be a mistake?” Thousandleaf hectored and was the first to rush over.

Icemist also hurried over as well.

Ninelion looked at Sunchaser with a supercilious smile. “Old monster Sunchaser, since you were so certain that no one would pass through the Myriad Treasures Pavilion in three days, then I trust this must be an error with the path of rebirth, hmm? Haha!”

Ninelion seemed to have middling relations with Sunchaser, and naturally wouldn’t give up this opportunity to crack a sarcastic quip with the latter.

Sunchaser also felt extremely put out at this time.

Someone had passed through the pavilion in only half a day? This sounded like bullshit no matter how he thought about it.

However, he was an old monster of the origin realm and naturally knew that the path of rebirth was a legacy from an ancient expert. It was impossible for anything to go wrong with it!

This meant that someone among the mundane practitioners really had passed through the pavilion. With their speed in clearing the trial in less than a day, it meant that this person has well beyond surpassed many of the ultimate geniuses within the sects!

The strength of this person’s heart was at a frightening level!

Although Sunchaser felt his face burn thanks to Ninelion’s mockery, he didn’t have the time to to be bothered by this right now. He set aside his reservations as well and made for the control center.

A green figure had appeared on a smooth, rock mirror in the control center.

“Incredible, incredible!” Ninelion murmured to himself. “Many good talents are indeed concealed amongst the mundane practitioners. It appears that there have been flaws with the method our four sects have used in selecting disciples in the past. We were too heavily biased against mundane practitioners in the past.”

The four sects had always selected disciples from within the sect previously, passing the tradition down through the generations. Although they had set up sites in the mundane world, thereby making them the so-called outer sites of the sects, none of the four sects particularly valued the outside sites. Those who were sent to these sites were either marginalized characters within the sects, or those who had no future within the sects and would rather go enjoy fame and fortune in the ordinary world.

Because the sects didn’t value the outside sites, that made the channels in which ordinary practitioners could enter the sects quite narrow.

After all, the outside sites held few selections in the mundane world.

And the sites held an equally few amount of selections for the outside sites.

One might come around every five or ten years, and they were held infrequently at that.

To the young practitioners, ten years would make them miss out on too much of the prime years of training and the best period of training in their lives.

Therefore, the fates of the majority of mundane practitioners were decided at the moment of their birth.

This wasn’t to say that there were none who could change their destinies and make a turnaround to enter the sects, but those were few and far in between.

“Daoist Icewind, with your vision, did you see that such a genius existed amongst the mundane practitioners?” Thousandleaf’s face was also filled with incredulity.

A wry smile stole across Icewind’s beautiful face. “Daoist Thousandleaf, although my Flowing Wind Sect is adept at uncovering genius, a process is still needed to do so. Would you believe me if I said I could discern someone’s potential with a first or second impression?”

Thousandleaf chuckled, “That’s true, it’s just that this kind of genius is simply too rare. There may be premier geniuses or those with extraordinary potential in our four sects, but ones with such strong strength of heart are as rare as dragon’s scales and phoenix feathers.”

A light shone out of Ninelion’s eyes, “Can it be one of those geniuses with an innate strength of heart? I remember something called the Heart of a Ruler that only geniuses with an innate strength of heart possess. They possess immense strength of heart and are not disturbed by outside interference, as unmoving as a ruler…”

“Don’t delude yourself.” Sunchaser laughed coldly. “Our sixteen kingdom alliance is a territory with the most diminished existence amongst the Myriad Domain. I’ve never heard of a genius with the Heart of a Ruler in the history of the Myriad Domain, why would we have the luck to run into one?”

Ninelion also chuckled, “Well, I don’t know who was the one who said just now that it was impossible for one of the mundane practitioners to walk out of the Myriad Treasures Pavilion within three days.”

Sunchaser spoke faintly, “There is always an exception within this world. Not to mention that although it’s impressive they made it out of the pavilion, they may not necessarily pass through the final test.”

“Do you think the last test would stump someone who could easily walk out of the pavilion?”

“You never know.” Sunchaser chuckled.

“Sunchaser, I feel that you’re arguing for the sake of arguing. How about this, if this person can make it through the path of rebirth, then your Purple Sun Sect will not set your sights on this genius and allow us three sects to fight over him, how about that?” Ninelion tried to provoke the other.

“Old monster Ninelion, why do you always voice these naive words at your age? I may have some personal opinions, but a selection is a great event for the sect. There is no relationship between the two. Back out of the competition? Why should we back out when we have a genius on our hands?”

“You admit now that we’ve met a genius?”

“It’s a rare thing to have strength of the heart. Their future performance remains to be seen. If their potential is mediocre and talents in other areas are nothing, then they are still useless trash in the end.”

Sunchaser’s words still made some sense.

Strength of heart was merely one guarantee when assailing the origin realm. However, it would be useless if a practitioner lacked both the sufficient martial dao potential and the ability to train to the origin realm.

Potential was equally important on the path of martial dao training.

But if one lacked strong strength of heart and having only potential, one wouldn’t be able to go far on the path of martial dao.

It would just be a waste of this strong dao heart.

However, even though Sunchaser’s words made sense, the other forefathers obviously weren’t paying him much heed.

What they were paying more attention to was keeping an eye on this mentally invincible genius and seeing how he would do in the next trial.

If this one’s potential and other areas were all not bad, then he would absolutely be a talent ripe for shaping. Even if his strength was insufficient to make it into the final sixteen, he would still be worth cultivating in the long run.

“Just who is this genius?” The figure of Jiang Chen suddenly appeared in Thousandleaf’s mind. He himself didn’t even know why he’d suddenly had this thought.

Perhaps the only one who’d left an impression on him from the four hundred thousand was Jiang Chen.

Except, forefather Thousandleaf hadn’t himself discovered anything special from Jiang Chen.

Of course, Jiang Chen also floated across the minds of the other forefathers as well. After all, he was the only one who’d left an impression on them before the trial.

However, when it came down to a genius of the heart, no one was certain who this person might be since he was merely one person out of the four hundred thousand participants.

It was impossible for them to ascertain the person’s identity after he put on both the mask and the uniform. They could only use the participant token to remember this participant’s number, and keep an eye on this number in the future.

As for who was behind this token, that would have to wait until the final reveal.

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