Chapter 285: A Myriad of Illusions, Heart as a Boulder

Chapter 285: A Myriad of Illusions, Heart as a Boulder

Dan Fei?

Jiang Chen shook his head slightly, his heart was as calm as still water.

Although he’d been slightly taken aback when Dan Fei had appeared, it wasn’t enough to stir any bit of desire of him.

It wasn’t that he didn’t find women pleasurable, but that the ambiguous feelings between a man and a woman didn’t exist between him and Dan Fei at all.

As real as this illusion was, it was still fake.

If the illusion had been Gouyu, that might’ve been enough to mesmerize Jiang Chen for a second, because Gouyu’s style was indeed that bold and straightforward in her loves and hates.

However, there was none of that kind of draw between Dan Fei and Jiang Chen, and even if there was, this wasn’t something that Dan Fei would’ve done.


Jiang Chen exhaled a long breath as his eyes shot towards the front like lightning. His footsteps moved forward resolutely.

The illusions around him vanished like the mist.

He appeared in the ocean of flowers once again as fragrance wreathed itself around him.

“There seems to be something in the fragrance...

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