Chapter 284: Trial After Trial

Chapter 284: Trial After Trial

The three bridges were obviously there for Jiang Chen to choose from.

Although there were no clear indications on the path, Jiang Chen was well aware of the fact that there was only one bridge that was the right path.

Choosing the wrong bridge meant that he was out, because there was no way to backtrack on the path of rebirth. One could only keep moving forward.

Jiang Chen looked out on the bridges and he saw that there were shadows moving on the bridges in the mist. Although his line of sight wasn’t the best, he could still see figures moving about on all three bridges.

This meant that there was someone on each of the bridges.

“A moment, didn’t they say that one is always alone on the path of rebirth? Why is it that there are figures on all three bridges?”

Jiang Chen felt that it was a bit odd and utilized the God’s Eye to peer upon the bridges.

Indeed, there were people walking on all the bridges towards the shore on the other side. Each bridge was filled with many people.

It looked like the bridge was quite slippery, as people continuously fell off the bridge...

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