Chapter 283: The First Trial, Path of Rebirth

Chapter 283: The First Trial, Path of Rebirth

After threading through the ocean of clouds, everyone’s vision gradually cleared up, and they discovered that they’d already entered a world vastly different from the one they’d just been in.

Lofty and soaring peaks towered in the distance. As if numerous circling ancient beasts, they were so tall that they could reach the Big Dipper, and so mighty that they could dominate the nine heavens, giving one an awe inspiring feeling of overwhelming strength.

The senior executives of the four great sects had been waiting for quite a while within the legacy realm.

“Remember, you are now standing in the legacy territory of ancient times. You must heed instructions with your every movement within the territory. It is very likely that you will be buried here if you disregard instructions and go off on your own. This is absolutely not an empty threat.”

The legacy territory of ancient times was widely acclaimed as the most mysterious of all territories in the sixteen kingdom alliance.

“Alright, let’s not waste time in further talk. You will face the first trial next, the trial of the heart. This trial is called the path of rebirth. You will be divided into a hundred different areas and enter the path. The path that you will embark upon...

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