Chapter 282: Jiang Chen Refuses

Chapter 282: Jiang Chen Refuses

Sunchaser laughed heartily, “Since all of you are aware of the matters behind the scenes, why go to such lengths in recruiting him? This Jiang Chen has offended the genius with most potential in my sect. What greatness can he amount to if he is destined to die within this great selection? Is he really that worthy of having all of you chasing after him?”

“Tsk tsk, I can’t listen to you talk.” Ninechaser rolled his eyes. “I’ve rather heard that it was those so-called sect geniuses who were almost destroyed by Jiang Chen in the mundane Eastern Kingdom. They had to rely on some of their senior brothers bullying the weak to limp away from the scene.”

“Humph. That was then and this is now. Long Juxue had just washed away the evil humours that plagues the azure phoenix constitution, and had yet to deploy her full potential. Now that she’s entered my Purple Sun Sect, it is as if the dragon is returning to the sea. She’s destined to overturn rivers and oceans, and steal the very heavens and the moon. A mere ordinary brat is destined to be her stepping stone, and an inconsequential one at that.”

Sunchaser had the most domineering personality out of all the forefathers.

It was forefather Thousandleaf...

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