Chapter 281: The Purple Sun Sect’s Decision

Chapter 281: The Purple Sun Sect’s Decision

Although Jiang Chen’s name was quite famous within the sixteen kingdoms, apart from within the Skylaurel Kingdom, anything that was known about Jiang Chen had all been built on rumors.

Since it was just rumors and gossip, many were still refused to accept Jiang Chen deep within their hearts. They didn’t believe the rumors, feeling that they painted a picture of Jiang Chen larger than life.

However, at this moment, the vice heads and sect head of three sects were setting aside their identities and openly extending invitations towards Jiang Chen in front of everyone!

The most crucial thing was, theoretically speaking, their actions weren’t against the rules.

The rules said that no cheating was allowed after the first selection had started.

They didn’t say that the sects couldn’t recruit before the first selection started. It was right and proper if someone recognized value where it lay right then and was willing to use rich rewards to recruit someone.

Although Xie Tianshu felt a bit awkward, he was the head of a sect after all.

After being pressured by Wang Tuo and Jiang Ruo, he smiled...

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