Chapter 280: Three Sects Fight Over Jiang Chen

Chapter 280: Three Sects Fight Over Jiang Chen

The five trials of the first selection were: first - trial of the heart, second - trial of talent, third - trial of potential, fourth - trial of combat and fifth - trial of fortune.

Jiang Chen was hard pressed to find flaws in the design of these trials, even with his past experiences.

Just as Jiang Chen was thoroughly turning the meaning behind these five trials over in his mind, Sunchaser’s voice sounded once again. “Through these five trials, what potential you possess, what abilities you have, and how far you can walk in the future, will be divided out.”

The first selection would choose ten thousand from four hundred thousand participants to advance onwards.

The ten thousand would then participate in a second selection with the disciples of similar ages from the four sects.

Three thousand lucky participants would then receive the right to enter the sects.

But of this three thousand, it was uncertain how many of them would make it into the final sixty four.

After all, the opponents that these three thousand would face were the sect geniuses.

It was a pessimistic outlook on how many slots for the final sixty four would be taken by ordinary geniuses.


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