Chapter 279: The Five Trials of the First Selection

Chapter 279: The Five Trials of the First Selection

Indeed, it was as Jiang Chen had thought, the four great sects felt a great sense of urgency these days.

If it wasn’t for this sense of crisis, with the level of status the four great forefathers had, they would never appear in front of ordinary practitioners, much less speak to them.

Forefather Sunchaser continued, announcing the rules.

“I trust that everyone’s received a small bit of intelligence with regards to this time’s great selection. I am here to emphasize the rules. The great selection is divided into three stages. The first stage is the initial selection. Once you pass, you’ll enter a second round that will last three years with the disciples of the four great sects. The strongest 64 will be chosen from this group and they will enter the final round. From there, the strongest sixteen will be selected and divided accordingly amongst the four sects, receiving personal guidance from the forefathers. To speak candidly, they will become our personal disciples, even true disciples!”

Personal disciples personally receive guidance from the forefathers.

But, true disciples were disciples that could inherit the forefather’s legacy, an even more advanced...

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