Chapter 278: The Four Great Forefathers

Chapter 278: The Four Great Forefathers

On the outskirts of the Redflame Kingdom was an enormous plain. All the nearly four hundred thousand participants were gathered here.

The participants’ faces held barely contained excitement, they’d just been notified that the highest levels of the four great sects were about to arrive and announce the selection rules for them.

They’d heard that not only would the executives of the four great sects arrive, but even the four great forefathers!

The four great forefathers had always been a legendary existence within the sixteen kingdoms.

Even many sect disciples had never caught a glance of them, never mind these ordinary practitioners.

Even the senior echelon of the sects couldn’t see the forefathers just because they wanted to.

The forefathers represented the highest levels of power within the alliance. Invincible, they held life and death in the palm of their hands.

When they heard that the forefathers would appear to talk to them, how could this not cause the young practitioners to jump for joy?

Some youngsters with particularly vivid imaginations even dreamed of having some special potential that catches the...

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