Chapter 277: Curtains Open on the Great Selection

Chapter 277: Curtains Open on the Great Selection

After continual rumors of the great selection, the atmosphere around this event finally reached its peak within the sixteen kingdoms.

Almost all practitioners who fulfilled the requirements were each fighting for a piece of cake just for their chance to try.

On this day, Jiang Chen brought his personal guards to register within the capital.

The registration period would last for half a month.

There were hundreds of registration sites.

Particularly for the Skylaurel Kingdom, as it was one of the four great kingdoms, there were many who’d reached the basic requirement of the advanced true qi realm.

In the entire Jiang manor, apart from Jiang Chen, Ke Mu, Shen Yifan, and Bi Yun were also participating in the great selection.

Jiang Chen had once spoken to Gouyu privately, but her attitude had been resolute and she’d had no interested in the great selection. She’d emphasized that her intuition told her that following Jiang Chen was far greater than joining any sect.

Although she didn’t publicly criticize Ke Mu, Shen Yifan, and Bi Yun’s decision, she privately thought very little of them. She felt that they’d thrown away...

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