Chapter 276: Final Preparations Before the Great Selection

Chapter 276: Final Preparations Before the Great Selection

Like Buddhist chants or ringing sounds coming from the ninth heaven breaking through the shackles inside his heart, Jiang Chen’s words shattered the bindings on his martial dao and sent a beam of enlightenment into his mind.

“Raising the spirit ocean, training the arts of the heart. Only when an origin infant has a consciousness can it be called an origin infant. Without consciousness, the infant can only be called a false infant… arts of the heart, arts of the heart… consciousness combining with form, forming the origin infant…”

These expressions were like marvelous symbols continuously crashing around inside his mind, chipping away at the barrier to his understanding, shedding incessant light in his mind.

“Dan Fei, see little friend Jiang Chen out for me, I’m going into closed door cultivation.”

Shrewdness gleamed out of Ye Chonglou’s eyes as he gave those instructions to Dan Fei before he turned to Jiang Chen, “Little friend Jiang Chen, if I can successfully assail the origin realm this time, it will be all because of you.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. With his discerning eye, he too could see that the...

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