Chapter 274: Startling News About the Great Selection

Chapter 274: Startling News About the Great Selection

A matter such as spewing blood was a great tragedy, but Iron Can spewing blood was actually quite comedic in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

Of course, spitting blood was one thing, but Iron Can didn’t dare tarry. Time waited for no one.

If he missed the remaining six hours, Jiang Chen would absolutely raise his blade and start killing.

One had to say, the Iron family fortunes were quite astonishing. Although Jiang Chen was demanding a flabbergasting sum, he still obtained all of them in six hours.

These items filled three secret rooms.

Jiang Chen was wreathed in smiles after he took an inventory. “Elder Iron is a forthright person alright. I hope there are more chances for friendly transactions like these in the future.”

In the future?

Killing intent overwhelmed everything else in Iron Can’s eyes, next time? He wanted a next time?

“You’ve gotten what you wanted, why aren’t you letting them go yet?” Iron Can asked in full rage.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “Let them go!”

Those in the back only let Iron Dazhi and Zhou Yi go when they received Jiang Chen’s instructions.

Iron Dazhia and Zhou Yi both had exhausted expression on their faceless and they were even more shamefaced when they saw Iron Can. Iron Dazhi in particular was covered with injuries and in quite a ghastly state with an ashen colored face.

Jiang Chen stood at the door and still wore that unhurried smile on his face, waving at Iron Dazhi, “Sir Iron Dazhi, come often in the future if you have nothing else to do.”

Iron Dazhi almost spat blood in anger as well.

It was obvious that Jiang Chen wanted to wrangle some more items from them again.

Iron Can decided to tear off the mask of politeness now that his people were freed. He grimaced, “Jiang Chen, don’t think that this is the end of the matter. You’ll need to be able to digest all of it from my Iron family well!”

Although Iron Can had taken his father’s admonishment to heart and he was holding up beneath the humiliation, he’d already started drafting in his heart how to take revenge on Jiang Chen!

“Jiang Chen, if you dare participate in the great selection, my Iron family will ensure that you die an awful, horrifying death!” Killing intent surged to the skies within Iron Can’s heart.


The three generations of the Iron family were gathered in the internals of the Iron family.

There were only four people in the secret chamber.

Iron Long, Iron Can, and Iron Dazhi were present, with Zhou Yi serving them on the side.

Iron Long’s expression froze after listening to Iron Dazhi and Zhou Yi’s descriptions, seeming to be considering something. He sighed after quite a while.

“Spirit rank creatures are something that’s difficult for even the sect master tamers to train. Not only can Jiang Chen compel them to fight, but he can train them to set up formations! To think that such a perverse person comes from a mundane kingdom? This is unbelievable!” Iron Long’s tone was full of emotion.

“Father, hasn’t that damned old fart Ye Chonglou always been vested in raising and training spirit creatures? He probably taught all of it to Jiang Chen? That brat is most likely just one of the old fart’s secret pawns, what do you think?” Iron Can fancied himself clever and started his analysis.

“Impossible!” Iron Long shook his head decisively. “I’m more than familiar with Ye Chonglou’s abilities. Although he is quite gifted in raising spirit creatures, he doesn’t have the skills to compel spirit creatures to set up formations. Jiang Chen most likely has had other fortuitous encounters!”

“Fortuitous encounters?” Iron Can didn’t quite believe it. “He’s just a minor character from the Eastern Kingdom, what kind of fortuitous encounters would he possibly have in a barbaric backwater like the Eastern Kingdom?”

Iron Dazhi also nodded, “The Eastern Kingdom is a mere third rate kingdom and it practically useless in the sixteen kingdom alliance. What kind change in fortunes could Jiang Chen possibly have had there? Grandpa, in my view, Jiang Chen could very well be a pawn that Ye Chonglou has cultivated in secret.”

“But, however… ” Iron Long sighed lightly. “Dazhi, your potential is wonderful, but your mentality can be improved upon. The great selection is a chance for you. As for how the final results are, that depends on your making.”

“Opportunity?” Iron Can seized upon the word. “Father, is there something behind this time’s great selection?”

Iron Dazhi also looked at Iron Long with an earnest and fervent gaze.

“Humph. When you were off creating a mess in the Skylaurel Kingdom, I, Xie Tianshu, and Ye Chonglou were summoned by sect forefather Thousandleaf for a discussion. The four sects are hosting the great selection together this time. The scale of this time’s selection is much higher than any in history. Each of the sects will choose their four elite disciples this time to form the strongest 16 of the four sects.”

“Strongest 16?” Iron Can blinked. “What special treatment will they have after being selected?”

“These 16 people will receive the forefathers’ special training! They will receive the core resources and most valuable knowledge of the sects.”

“What?” Iron Dazhi was greatly astonished. “Receive the forefathers’ special training!?”

“That’s correct. That special training isn’t theoretical, it was true, hands on training! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they would become the forefathers’ true disciples. The goal is to expedite their ascension into an origin realm practitioner!”

Iron Long’s tone was also full of admiration and yearning when his words stopped at this point.

The origin realm! He had lived so many years, but he was still a step outside the door to the origin realm. He had no hope of setting foot inside it in this lifetime.

To Iron Long, the origin realm was practically the greatest regret of his life.

Therefore, he wanted to place this hope on his grandson.

“Dazhi, you may be able to make it into the top ten of the Precious Tree Sect genius disciples, but it would be quite difficult for you to vault into the top 4. Therefore, I’m going to give you special training over the next couple of days! I will strive my hardest for you to be ranked amongst the top 4 in the final competition.”

“Grandpa, although the sect has many geniuses, I’m confident that I will be assured of making it as one of the top 4 if I can enter the peak of the earth spirit realm at the sixth level.” Iron Dazhi was greatly self assured.

“Right, there are only three at the sixth level spirit realm in the young geniuses of the sect. If you can break through to the sixth level spirit realm, and go armed with some of the Iron family’s trump cards, there will be no problem for you to make it into the top four.”

Iron Long had obviously come to this meeting with a plan. “The special training I’m giving you this time is also focusing on breaking through to the sixth level spirit realm. Add to that some family clan secret arts and some heirloom treasures, I would be truly disappointed if you don’t rank within the top 4 with these resources, Dazhi.”

The secret arts of the family and heirloom treasures. That kind of treatment made even Iron Can a bit jealousy and a hint of envy rose in his heart.

He had so wanted these things when he was young, but his father Iron Long had placed the bulk of his attentions on raising his eldest son. As the younger son, Iron Can’s potential and mentality were all much less than his big brother’s.

When his big brother, Iron Yong, had accidentally passed away in an accident, Iron Can was also slightly happy apart from being a bit sad. He felt that with the absence of his brother, the heritage of the family would finally land on him.

However, he’d discovered today that he’d once again been too naive.

His father had bypassed him to cultivate the next generation, his dead brother Iron Yong’s son!

His father had even announced to his face that he was passing down the family treasures and secret arts to Iron Dazhi!

Iron Can’s heart felt as agonized as if it’d been bitten by a poisonous snake, it was impossible to say that he didn’t feel the slightest bit of envy!

However, he also knew that he had no right to be jealous. He had fallen short of his father’s expectations in too many areas.

If he still didn’t recognize the circumstances he was in now, then he may even be stripped of his right to be Iron Dazhi’s assistant and he would have all his power removed, becoming a figurehead elder.

Iron Long’s gaze slanted to the side a bit as he locked a stern gaze onto Iron Can’s face.

Iron Can couldn’t resist a frantic leap of his heart when his father pressured him with this look.

“Iron Can, what thoughts do you have regarding your father’s arrangements?” Iron Long’s tone was remote.

Iron Can took a deep breath in and answered honestly, “Father, I support your decision. It was all because your son was sub par when young and I missed the prime opportunity. Dazhi is a young genius and so we should naturally spend all our strength in raising him. I may be silly, but I still understand this logic.”

“Mm. It’s good that you understand. You have precious few advantages with your age. You’ll likely halt at the sky spirit realm in this life, with almost no chance of making it as a spirit king. Dazhi is different. He’s less than 30 years old and he already possesses such achievements. This bears witness to the strength of his potential. If he can break through the sky spirit realm this time, he will have great potential to unearth in the future. Dazhi is the most immediate heir to my Iron family!”

The blood in Iron Dazhi’s body started boiling when he heart these words. This was the first time that he’d received direct verbal acceptance from his grandfather!

This meant that his role as the next head of the Iron family was officially confirmed!

Although Iron Can was jealous, he could only accept his lot in life now. He knew that he no longer had any advantages compared to Iron Dazhi.

Age in particular, was his fatal disadvantage.

“Dazhi, don’t be prideful either. Don’t ever forget that as a sect genius, you actually lost in a mundane kingdom. This is a blot on your life and it is inevitable that it will become an internal demon. I hope you can transmute humiliation into action and truly steady yourself, cutting off all that flighty nonsense and truly set foot onto the path of the genius. Although an ordinary kid like Jiang Chen may have had some lucky encounters, his foundation and potential are nowhere near yours. He has no advantages compared to you. You absolutely cannot let him become an obstacle on your path as a genius, do you understand?”

A shrewd light shot out of Iron Dazhi’s eyes as he seemed to contemplate something and understand something as well.

“I understand grandpa. Jiang Chen did humiliate me, but it was also due to a lack of finesse in my abilities and lack of a clear head. If I’d been slightly more clear headed and hadn’t been ensnared by his trap, I wouldn’t have turned out like this. I will absolutely use this as a warning to myself and remind myself constantly. I will personally kill Jiang Chen during the great selection and sweep away this internal demon!”

“Good, this is also my expectation for you.” Iron Long smiled faintly. He was still quite satisfied with Iron Dazhi’s abilities of comprehension.

“Alright, Dazhi, you’re a sect genius and thus, you don’t have to participate in the first round. I can make use of this time to thoroughly reforge you so that you can emerge from the masses with an absolutely stunning demeanor in the second round!”

Iron Long’s tone was filled with confidence and hope.

He didn’t mention the losses that the family had suffered in paying the ransom this time. Iron Long was well aware that the less he mentioned it, the more this would become Iron Dazhi’s motivation!

Striving forward bravely after experiencing humiliation was a mandatory experience that geniuses had to weather.

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