Chapter 274: Startling News About the Great Selection

Chapter 274: Startling News About the Great Selection

A matter such as spewing blood was a great tragedy, but Iron Can spewing blood was actually quite comedic in Jiang Chen’s eyes.

Of course, spitting blood was one thing, but Iron Can didn’t dare tarry. Time waited for no one.

If he missed the remaining six hours, Jiang Chen would absolutely raise his blade and start killing.

One had to say, the Iron family fortunes were quite astonishing. Although Jiang Chen was demanding a flabbergasting sum, he still obtained all of them in six hours.

These items filled three secret rooms.

Jiang Chen was wreathed in smiles after he took an inventory. “Elder Iron is a forthright person alright. I hope there are more chances for friendly transactions like these in the future.”

In the future?

Killing intent overwhelmed everything else in Iron Can’s eyes, next time? He wanted a next time?

“You’ve gotten what you wanted, why aren’t you letting them go yet?” Iron Can asked in full rage.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily, “Let them go!”

Those in the back only let Iron Dazhi and Zhou Yi go when they received Jiang Chen’s instructions.

Iron Dazhia and Zhou Yi both had exhausted expression on their faceless and they...

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