Chapter 271: A Good Opportunity to Extort Someone

Chapter 271: A Good Opportunity to Extort Someone

Jiang Chen completely ignored whatever deal Zhou Yi and Iron Dazhi were striking beneath him. His only thought now was to send both of them on their way.

His arrows were about to be loosed with that thought.

A soft call sounded in the air at this moment, “Jiang Chen, hold!”

This voice rumbled and spread through the air like an enormous drum or great bell.


Jiang Chen’s ears twitched as the God’s Eye looked into the distance, he saw a green light shoot out of the empty air and the Lesser Dragon appeared, carrying Ye Chonglou.

If it’d been anyone else, even the king of the Skylaurel Kingdom, Jiang Chen wouldn’t have even creased his brow when landing a killing blow.

Ye Chonglou was the only exception.

Jiang Chen could deny face to anyone within the kingdom, but he had to show the old tutor some face.

He clasped his fingers on the bowstring and he didn’t fire the arrows, but he didn’t put the arrows away either.

The Swordbird army beneath him also held their positions and didn’t relax their guard.

“Lordmaster, what are you doing here?” Jiang Chen hadn’t known that the old tutor had hurried from the sect. He thought that the old man had come from his manor.

The old tutor smiled wryly, “I heard from sources within...

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