Chapter 270: Jiang Chen’s Resolute Killing Intent

Chapter 270: Jiang Chen’s Resolute Killing Intent

There was shock and only more shock in Zhou Yi’s heart. He knew that if this continued, his defenses would last less than 15 minutes.

Indeed, the fresh blood spraying after several attacks landed on him incited the Swordbirds’ violent nature. Once stirred up, their attacks grew even fiercer and more berserk.

“Senior brother Iron, come help me!”

Zhou Yi was panicked. He knew he couldn’t hold on for much longer. His defenses would quickly falter if he continued like this and he would become their food.

Iron Dazhi was also greatly astonished when he heard Zhou Yi’s cry for help.

He’d already be hard pressed to explain the loss of the law enforcement disciples after returning to the sect. If an earth spirit realm genius like Zhou Yi were to also fall in a mundane kingdom, then he’d be further troubled and tongue-tied once he returned.

Zhou Yi was his uncle Iron Can’s most vaunted personal disciple. He would surely suffer his uncle’s wrath if Zhou Yi died.

He could only resign his battle with Jiang Chen and make haste for the battle formation.

He waved his Black Dragon Halberd and swung it viciously towards a team of three Swordbirds.

If Jiang Chen didn’t interfere, then the...

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