Chapter 269: To Be in a Quandary

Chapter 269: To Be in a Quandary

The sword acted as a conduit for the protective barrier, containing the power of the fourth level spirit realm as it roiled with the momentum of the surging clouds and billowing wind. The light from the sword was like a rainbow as it cut towards the Swordbirds just like the gale winds and a rain squall.

The aura of an earth spirit realm practitioner was incredibly strong. Once its full force was brought to bear, the ensuing effect was quite frightening.

The powerful aura had already soared to the clouds by the time the rainbow sword light had made its way to the Goldwing Swordbirds, forming a wind vortex as it crashed forward.

Zhou Yi had seen the Swordbirds that day on the border, and knew that he needed to use his superior earth spirit realm aura to suppress them.

However, things were different today.

That day, the spirit practitioners had been able to suppress the Swordbird army because there had been a difference between the spirit and mortal ranks. The Swordbird army had all been of the mortal rank at that point.

Even the strongest of them all had still only been of the mortal rank.

It was like someone of the true qi realm fighting against someone of the spirit realm. It was undoubtedly the...

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