Chapter 268: The Sect Disciples Ankle Deep in Mud

Chapter 268: The Sect Disciples Ankle Deep in Mud

“What are you guys doing standing around over there?!”

Iron Dazhi saw that Zhou Yi and the sixteen law enforcement disciples were all looking nervously at the battle occurring between him and Jiang Chen, and not taking any action.

Zhou Yi wanted Iron Dazhi to kill Jiang Chen cleanly and then act swiftly and ruthlessly to take down Jiang manor.

He didn’t think that his senior brother Dazhi of the fifth level spirit realm couldn’t take down Jiang Chen after a few rounds. He was actually slowly being backed into a corner.

When he saw Iron Dazhi roar with some hints of anger, Zhou Yi didn’t dare to move sluggishly. He waved his hand and commanded the disciples, “Come on, look sharp! Go after him!”

Zhou Yi’s nickname was the Sword of Cloud and Wind and he was known for his fast and bizarre sword techniques.

His figure flashed, leaving being ghost shadows in the air, the three foot sword in his hand transforming into a marvelous blur and aiming for Tian Shao standing in the doorframe.

Tian Shao only had the level of training of a first level spirit realm and Zhou Yi greatly outclassed him, being an earth spirit realm genius.

The difference in their strength was incredibly ...

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