Chapter 267: Battling the Earth Spirit Realm

Chapter 267: Battling the Earth Spirit Realm

Jiang Chen naturally fully took in their unconcealed looks of greed.

“Since these two idiots really want to die, then I’ll fulfill their wishes. Who cares about how great their backers are and if the consequences come crashing down on me afterwards!”

Jiang Chen had also hardened his heart. These people had provoked him time and time again. No matter how even tempered Jiang Chen was, there was still a limit to his temper!

The border incident had been due to the Precious Tree Sect and the Northern Palace becoming greedy and wanted to rob him of his Goldwing Swordbirds. Now it was a matter of the guilty party filing the suit first!

Iron Dazhi made a grasping motion with his hands and a halberd appeared in his hands.

The halbert was jet black, with only the edge honed to a harrowing white. One glance at the spirit power embodied within the halberd and the patterns etched on it was enough to know that it had undergone many forgings.

Jiang Chen’s Da Yu bow was a four times refined spirit weapon.

He detected from this halberd a spirit aura that wasn’t inferior to the Da...

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