Chapter 266: The Eight Trigram Assimilation Formation Appears Again!

Chapter 266: The Eight Trigram Assimilation Formation Appears Again!

Tian Shao almost burst out laughing when he heard this.

This was one of the most interesting parts about young master Chen. No matter how serious the other side was or how many people they brought, he could always use an odd way to completely dismantle their posturing.

“Jiang Chen, you filth! You’re a country bumpkin with no manners alright!” Iron Dazhi almost spat blood in his anger.

“Manners? Manners are designed for people who are cultured. For someone like you, you’re not worthy to speak of manners. Aren’t you afraid of becoming a colossal joke? It’s said that if the upper beam isn’t straight, then the lower ones will be aslant as well. Iron Dazhi, is it? Let’s not go in circles and speak frankly, are you here to pick a fight or just to cause trouble?”

Zhou Yi couldn’t sit still anymore at this time.

After all, although Liu Chengfeng and Xiao Yu’s death had nothing to do with him, he’d been the leader of that operation and therefore still felt a bit guilty.

There was still a chance to make amends today.

“Jiang Chen, I know you possess some fame in the Skylaurel Kingdom. However, this matter involves a murder case, and you should recognize the situation that you are in. Not only are we taking Tian Shao with us, but we are taking your follower, Gouyu, as well! According to our evidence, both Gouyu and Tian Shao had much to do with Liu Chengfeng’s death.”

Jiang Chen naturally had an impression of Zhou Yi, but just an impression only.

In his memories, this person was extremely agile and his swordwork was quick, fast, and ruthless. However, compared to Luo Huang, who was also of the fourth level spirit realm, there was still quite a gap between the two.

This person didn’t even have the courage to take Luo Huang on in single combat.

If a practitioner didn’t even have the courage to engage in combat, then his future was limited, even if he had potential.

“And what are you? A disciple of the Iron family or a dog that they keep around?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly and wasn’t favorably disposed towards Zhou Yi at all.

“You…” Fire spun in Zhou Yi’s eyes. “Jiang Chen, do you not know how to appreciate favors?!”

“Appreciate favors? You really think you’re something huh? That I, Jiang Chen, should appreciate your favors?”

Zhou Yi laughed in his extreme anger. “Good, good, it looks like you’re going to resist to the end and harbor the suspects huh!”

“Suspects?” Jiang Chen laughed coldly. “Bring out whatever evidence you have. Stop farting if you don’t have any.”

Iron Dazhi reached out a hand and restrained Zhou Yi.

“Zhou Yi, you can back down for now.”

Zhou Yi glared at Jiang Chen but still didn’t dare go against Iron Dazhi’s intentions.

Iron Dazhi spurred his steed forward and locked his gaze onto Jiang Chen, as if wanting to use the force of his gaze to force Jiang Chen into submission.

Iron Dazhi was at the fifth level spirit realm and was thus much stronger than Zhou Yi. Additionally, he was the foremost amongst the younger generation in the sect.

Tian Shao backed up a few steps beneath the aura of a fifth level spirit realm practitioner and felt that an enormous stone was pressing down upon his chest. The pressure of a mountain sat on top of him and he could barely breath. It felt like his body would explode at any moment.

“Jiang Chen, you’ve challenged and provoked my Iron family time and time again. You think you can defy human and divine laws because you have a backer. Alright, today I’ll let you understand that your little tricks are as empty as the clouds are in front of absolute power. Today, I, Iron Dazhi, will crush you in the name of the Iron family of the Precious Tree Sect!”

Iron Dazhi circulated his spirit power as he spoke, and his aura roiled towards Jiang Chen as if it was conscious.

Tian Shao felt only a small portion of the pressure from the spirit power. What Jiang Chen endured was the majority of Iron Dazhi’s consciousness.

However, although Iron Dazhi presented an awe inspiring sight and continuously sent out his aura, to the point where his face was beet red from exertion, Jiang Chen stood below him as immobile as a mountain. It was as if a small breeze was caressing his body and not even the slightest hint of strain could be seen from him.

“Tsk tsk. Iron Dazhi, did you not eat breakfast today before coming over? You dare come out and make a fool out of yourself with just that little bit of skill?”

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. “Oh, go home and drink your mother’s milk! You’ll only have the strength to come out and turn tricks when you grow up a bit!”

These words embodied Jiang Chen’s enormous spirit strength. His spirit power was like a river of stars, encompassing the force of an ocean current reversing on itself. It was like a dragon overturning the rivers and seas, soaring into the air and crashing over to Iron Dazhi.

Iron Dazhi’s aura was truly very powerful, even Zhou Yi could feel how frightening his aura with the former’s anger.

This amount of spirit aura almost made Tian Shao spit blood, so how could Jiang Chen, who was standing in the heart of it, be as if the spring breeze was flowing over him and completely without pressure?

This was truly bizarre.

The outside world had been speculating about Jiang Chen’s strength. They thought it was likely only at the first or second level spirit realm.

When a mere small spirit realm practitioner was faced with the full strength of an earth spirit realm practitioner aura, there was no room for resistance at all.

It was a pity that daydreams were always beautiful, but reality was harsh.

Jiang Chen’s spirit power geysered forth to crash viciously into Iron Dazhi’s aura with a heavy blow.

Iron Dazhi only felt that his aura trembled slightly before a heavy blow came crashing over. His entire being trembled as his aura immediately deflated like a popped bubble.


His spirit power sprayed out as it shot in all directions. Grass and trees flew everywhere as leaves danced through the air.

“What?” A look of incredulity shot out from Zhou Yi’s eyes. He was a professional. How would he not see that Jiang Chen had destroyed Iron Dazhi’s carefully deployed aura with one gesture.

“How could Jiang Chen have so easily destroyed brother Dazhi’s aura?” Zhou Yi didn’t dare believe it. Even if it was him, he wouldn’t have been fully confident that he’d be able to unwittingly and so easily destroy Iron Dazhi’s aura.

Although Zhou Yi was of the fourth level spirit realm, he knew there was still a great gap between him and Iron Dazhi.

Iron Dazhi was a direct descendent of the Iron family and one of its geniuses.

Although he was a personal disciple of Elder Iron Can, he was just one of many and hadn’t reached the level of true disciple.

Iron Dazhi enjoyed resources that were far richer than those a true disciple had access to.

In this regard, Zhou Yi didn’t find it hard to accept that Iron Dazhi was at a higher level than him.

But Jiang Chen had suddenly displayed such a perverse level of skill that he found it hard to accept in the span of that moment.

What right did a mundane disciple have to be superior to him, a genius disciple?

“Jiang Chen, you refuse to recognize the error of your ways and you dare to offend senior brother Dazhi? I think you’re looking to die today!”

Zhou Yi’s mind raced as he formed the intent to kill Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was so strong that without even a change in his face and expression, he gave Zhou Yi a feeling that he couldn’t see through Jiang Chen. If he was allowed to enter the sect, then he would be as if a fish in water, a dragon in the sea, and who would be able to keep him down then?

This wouldn’t do. No matter what they did today, he would have to use Iron Dazhi to kill Jiang Chen. Even if both sides ended up heavily injured, he’d have to keep Jiang Chen down.

“Senior brother Dazhi, this brat’s arrogance knows no bounds. He doesn’t even respect a sect disciple like you. He’s insulted the Iron family’s boundless position multiple times earlier. How will the dignity of the Iron family exist if this brat isn’t dead?”

Zhou Yi played the two off of each other.

He knew that once Iron Dazhi became worked up, then he would turn into someone who didn’t have any reservations and into someone which ten bulls wouldn’t be able to hold back.

If he tried his best to kill Jiang Chen, and Zhou Yi displayed his eye-dazzling sword technique as well as all these law enforcement disciples, they’d be able to wash the doors of the Jiang manor with blood today.

Even if Ye Chonglou took them to task for it, it would be all in the past.

As much ability that Ye Chonglou had, he wouldn’t be publicly denounce them at the sect. The sect wouldn’t allow the old tutor to behave however he liked anyways.

“Senior brother, this Jiang Chen has hardened his heart to become enemies with our Iron family. We should make use of this opportunity to kill him now and remove this thorn in the side from the great selection.”

Zhou Yi continued to encourage Iron Dazhi.

The latter smiled coldly and snorted, calling out, “Jiang Chen, I’ve rather underestimated you today. However, if you think that you can contend with my Iron family with just your own personal strength, then you’re gravely mistaken. I’ll let you experience today what it means to be a sect genius before you die!”

He gave the order after speaking, “My orders are thus, capture Gouyu and Tian Shao with maximum force. Kill them if they resist!”

Iron Dazhi had inherited the tough blood of the Iron family and never possessed a soft heart when suppressing those contrary to his family. Once his bloodlust was roused, he would always kill first and consider the implications afterwards.

So what of Ye Chonglou? Would someone of the great Iron family be scared by an old man?

Zhou Yi was overjoyed to hear these words. “Senior brother Dazhi has given orders to capture those suspected in killing Liu Chengfeng of the Northern Palace. Kill them if they resist!”

Jiang Chen had known early on that those who had come today weren’t friendly folk. He laughed oddly and pushed Tian Shao inside the door. “Old Tian, go inside first.”

As for himself, Jiang Chen placed his hands behind his back and surveyed those before him sternly.

His gaze suddenly shot towards Iron Dazhi as he smiled faintly, “Indeed, not only is the current Iron generation filled with idiots, but so are all the generations of this family. Iron Dazhi, since you’re sick of living, then I’ll send you on your way!”

He placed his index and thumb finger in his mouth after speaking and sent out a piercing whistle.

After a short while, Goldwing Swordbirds started shooting out of the air above the Jiang manor like arrows loosed from the bowstring .

There were twenty to thirty Swordbirds after not too long.

This was hardly even the tip of the iceberg of the Goldwing Swordbird army.

These twenty, thirty Swordbirds were the elite of the Swordbird army, the batch that had been cultivated by Jiang Chen the earliest and the batch that had broken through the shackles of the mortal rank and reached the level of the spirit rank.

Although this batch hadn’t broken through that long ago, their presence was quite uncommon.

Twenty four Swordbirds had formed three to a team, occupying eight directions and subtly formed an odd formation.

The Eight Trigram Assimilation Formation!

Jiang Chen had finally gathered enough spirit rank Swordbirds to set up this formation.

One had to know that even when setting up the formation with eight true qi masters, it would be enough to contend with a spirit realm practitioner and could at least ensure that one wouldn’t be defeated.

Now that he had twenty four Swordbirds setting up the formation, the strength of this formation had increased who knows how many times.

When each team was separated from each other, they maintained the strength of the spirit rank.

But when they were combined together, they could bring to bear power that was greatly in excess of the spirit rank.

Although this was still much less than fighting against a sky spirit realm practitioner, it was more than enough to battle with an earth spirit realm practitioner.

Iron Dazhi and Zhou Yi had patently come prepared this time because they had received word that a sect elder had invited Ye Chonglou to the sect today and wasn’t in the capital.

This was why they had taken advantage of this opportunity to roar into the capital to take Jiang Chen down at all costs.

Thus, capturing Gouyu and Tian Shao was just an excuse.

Their true goal was to suppress Jiang Chen and destroy this threat to the Iron family!

Without the protection of Ye Chonglou, both Iron Dazhi and Zhou Yi felt that Jiang Chen would have no capability to resist.

However, they only understood in this moment and time how naive their previous thinking had been.

These spirit creatures were all of the spirit rank!

In the same instant, apart from the ambition to kill Jiang Chen, they had an even stronger sense of greed.

Twenty some spirit rank creatures was a large sum of riches.

One had to know that their steeds were only of the mortal rank.

Apart from the senior executives within the sect, only a few preeminent geniuses would occasionally have the opportunity to receive spirit rank creatures. The others didn’t have the right to ride spirit rank creatures at all.

They existed, but were incredibly rare!

Zhou Yi and Iron Dazhi looked at each other, both reading the other’s desire to kill Jiang Chen and rob him in their gaze.

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