Chapter 265: The Law Enforcement Disciples of the Sect

Chapter 265: The Law Enforcement Disciples of the Sect

“Young master Chen, this is a great opportunity. The Crown Prince has said that you can raise any requests or speak of any difficulties you may have in the great selection. He’ll help you in any way possible within his power.” Tian Shao was also extremely supportive of Jiang Chen when he spoke of the great selection.

“The Crown Prince means well. Since this is the case, I will put on a thick skin and ask for anything I need.”

Tian Shao was even happier when he heard Jiang Chen’s words. He was worried that Jiang Chen would regard them as outsiders.

“Young master Chen, I believe that you will emerge from the masses this time and you will become the most accomplished genius in the sixteen kingdoms. You will be the subject of everyone’s gaze!” Tian Shao also had utmost confidence in Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “I’ll try my best. Since I’m going to participate, I will naturally bring all my efforts to bear.”

“If it wasn’t for young master Chen, even I would want to participate this time. With young master Chen present, I know that I would have no hope of rising to the top. So I might as well not bother, haha.”

Tian Shao was only half joking. To be honest, he had been rather tempted by the scale of this year’s great selection.

However, he also knew that he has a military person and he couldn’t just participate in something because he wanted to. His actions would involve too many implications.

However, he truly wanted Jiang Chen to participate. Tian Shao had always viewed Jiang Chen as a good friend and he naturally hoped that his good friend would become ever stronger.

If Jiang Chen could emerge from the selection and stun all those present with an incredible feat, he could gain the favor of the senior executives of the Precious Tree Sect.

Even if Elder Iron wanted to oppress him then, he’d be unable to suppress Jiang Chen’s rise.

Besides, he’d also heard that during this selection, the origin realm practitioners from the sects would also be making an appearance.

With them in attendance, they would be a natural restraining force against Elder Iron and the others.

If they incurred the wrath of an origin realm practitioner, they would be slapped to death with one palm. So what if you were an elder? Big deal if your old man was an esteemed elder!

Of course, Ye Rong also wanted Jiang Chen to enter a sect and even become its preeminent genius, attracting the favor of the sect’s heavyweights.

In this regard, his position in the kingdom would be thoroughly consolidated.

Whoever wanted to make a move against him would first have to consider Jiang Chen. Who didn’t know by now that he had invited Jiang Chen here from the Eastern Kingdom?

It was he, Ye Rong, who had recognized value where it was and hosted Jiang Chen. Thus, successfully seizing the position of Crown Prince!

Tian Shao was naturally overjoyed to hear that Jiang Chen would be participating and that he would strive to do his best.

“Young master Chen, since this is the case, I’ll return to the Crown Prince now and let him know about this. Please don’t hesitate if you have any requests at all!”

Knowing that Tian Shao had his duties to attend to, Jiang Chen didn’t keep him and sent him on his way.

Jiang Chen’s brow creased as Tian Shao was about to leave and he said lowly, “Ole Tian, come back.”

Tian Shao started and he didn’t react in time.

At this moment, dark clouds gathered in the sky as airborne spirit creatures shot down from the skies, stopping in the area above the Jiang manor.

There were sixteen flying beasts.

Men in uniform sat atop each of them.

“Tian Shao, you’re here alright!”

Tian Shao wrinkled his brow as he looked at them. These people were all unfamiliar to his eyes, and their uniforms didn’t belong to any organization in the Skylaurel Kingdom.

“Who are you to dare to act this wildly in the Skylaurel Kingdom? Do you have flight tokens for your steeds, flying through the capital as you are?” Tian Shao was a general of the Dragonteeth Guard after all, and he naturally possessed of a certain official authority.

“Flight tokens? What bullshit. What need do the law enforcement disciples of the Precious Tree Sect have for flight tokens?”

“Tian Shao, we’ve received a report that you participated in an assassination operation a few days ago. The victims were the head of the Northern Palace, Liu Chengfeng, and his disciple Xiao Yu!”

“We are here on behalf of the law enforcement elder to arrest the suspect Tian Shao. Irrelevant bystanders, leave the premises!”

The law enforcement disciples of the Precious Tree Sect?

Jiang Chen’s forehead creased slightly. He knew that Elder Iron wouldn’t let the matter of Liu Chengfeng and his disciple’s death go easily. He’d finally grasped this opportunity and he was sure to make a big deal of it.

However, with the advent of the great selection, it surprised Jiang Chen that Elder Iron was trying to cause trouble at such a critical time.

Tian Shao spoke angrily, “This is slander, complete nonsense! What is your intention in framing me like this? Do you have evidence that I killed someone? Besides, the head of the Northern Palace is an earth spirit realm practitioner. You truly think too much of me, don’t you?”

The disciple leading the group was most likely a captain of law enforcement. He snorted in a cold, proud laugh. “What need do we have to prove anything to you when we’re carrying out the law? Shut up and come with us if you know what’s good for you. Come back with us to defend yourself if you didn’t do it. We’re just carrying out orders and we have no need to listen to your protests.”

“Carrying out orders? Do you have a warrant? Or the law enforcement elder’s written orders? Take it out and let’s have a look.” Tian Shao wasn’t someone who was completely unlearned in the ways of the world.

He didn’t believe that such a small matter would involve the law enforcement elder either.

Although the Iron family was strong, they weren’t strong enough to the point of ordering around the law enforcement hall!

The captain arched an eyebrow, “What?! Tian Shao, you want to go against the law? And who the hell are you? A general of the mere Dragonteeth Guard dares question a disciple of the law enforcement hall?!”

Tian Shao also knew that if he went with them now, he most likely wouldn’t come back.

Once he was in their hands, they simply had too many methods to force him to confess.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with these methods. The Dragonteeth Guard also carried out the law and how would he not know what he would end up like if he left with them?

When he saw them bluster but fail to take out any warrant, Tian Shao felt slightly reassured. He knew that they were likely just here on a pretense and they didn’t have a warrant at all.

This meant that they were acting of their own accord and they didn’t represent the will of the law enforcement hall.

After all, even if they were carrying out the law in the mundane world, they had to first investigate, find evidence, and then carry out their mission.

Otherwise, they were sure to meet with a lot of protest if they ran amuck and disturbed the order of the mundane kingdoms.

The law enforcement hall had to be just.

If they carried out the law haphazardly without any reason, the public wouldn’t accept it, and the reputation of the sect would greatly decrease as well.

As a law enforcer, Tian Shao knew all about this.

If he were to fight back after they took out a warrant, then the consequences would be severe.

But since they were going rogue, he had no need to play along with them.

“Sir, since you’re carrying out the law, then you naturally have the law backing you up. You say you’re doing so, but you can’t produce any warrants. Then I’d like to ask, how am I supposed to believe that you’re disciples of the law enforcement hall given your unprofessional actions? How would I not think that you’re imposters?” Tian Shao spoke calmly and with reason.

Jiang Chen was inwardly stern. He knew full well that those who had come had not done so in peace or with friendly intentions. They were here to arrest Tian Shao in name, but it was more than likely that they were actually here for him.

The captain smiled coldly as he waved his hand, holding a law enforcement medallion. “Tian Shao, open your dog eyes and take a good look. The medallion is here, who dares be an imposter?”

When Tian Shao saw him flash the medallion but not a warrant, he had a thorough grasp of what was going on here.

This group absolutely had no warrants, and they weren’t here on any sort of official business.

Although they were here of their own accord, they were certainly acting with someone else’s authorization.

But a covert operation meant that they couldn’t represent the law enforcement hall. Since they didn’t, they had no authority at all.

Tian Shao smiled faintly. “The law enforcement disciples of the Precious Tree Sect are not bad. However, as imposing as your presence is, all you can do is scare the amateurs if you have no warrant.”

The connotations were, drop the act, I’m not biting.

“Heh heh, Tian Shao, so it seems that you refuse to recognize your error and you have hardened your heart to defy the law enforcement hall!”

The captain’s tone grew cold as his eyes narrowed into slits.

“First of all, I have utmost respect for the law enforcement hall of the Precious Tree Sect. Secondly, without a warrant, you’re just acting on your own and you can’t represent the law enforcement hall.”

“What a sharp tongued lackey!” A roar suddenly sounded from the air.

That voice rang through the air above the Jiang manor like a crack of thunder.

Several figures then shot out of the air and landed in front of the sixteen disciples.

One of them was Zhou Yi, who’d appeared at the border that day.

“Brother Zhi, that person is Jiang Chen!” Zhou Yi spoke somewhat respectfully to the person next to him.

This person had an ordinary figure and a ruthless expression on his face, but he had a few hints of Iron Can in his brows.

A thought struck Jiang Chen. Was he from the Iron family?

Judging by this person’s demeanor, his position in the sect was even higher than Zhou Yi’s. Judging from the latter’s reverent tone, he could tell that this newcomer had an impressive background.

His ruthless eyes locked onto Jiang Chen and spoke loftily, “You’re Jiang Chen?”

Jiang Chen smiled remotely and spoke with irritation, “Let’s cut the blather. Come, who is Iron Can to you? Let’s chat frankly about how we want to fight this time and avoid the boring tricks that you guys are used to playing. You may have the time to waste, but I don’t have the desire to humor you.”

Jiang Chen was Jiang Chen alright. Even Tian Shao felt his dominating aura with these words.

This was sheer power. He wouldn’t waste words with you or trade verbal barbs, he just cut through everything and made all of the enemy’s ploys and plans utterly useless.

“I’ve long since heard that a cocky brat has appeared in the mundane kingdoms. It looks like the rumors were quite true.” The person’s eyes grew cold as his hair danced wildly in the wind, looking like a furious lion. “I hadn’t thought that your vision would be this decent. That’s right, I’m Iron Dazhi of the Precious Tree Sect Iron family. My grandfather is the esteemed elder Iron Long, and elder Iron Can is my uncle!”

Zhou Yi listened with envy in his heart on the side as he looked at Iron Dazhi’s awe inspiring demeanor. That was a disciple of power! His aura was incredible different!

But who would know that Jiang Chen wouldn’t give a damn and just smile faintly, “A son of the Iron family? Is that supposed to be impressive? Alright, let’s say it is, what does that have to do with me? You’re throwing your weight around in front of my front door early in the morning. Is it that all sect disciples are bored to the point where their balls hurt?”

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