Chapter 265: The Law Enforcement Disciples of the Sect

Chapter 265: The Law Enforcement Disciples of the Sect

“Young master Chen, this is a great opportunity. The Crown Prince has said that you can raise any requests or speak of any difficulties you may have in the great selection. He’ll help you in any way possible within his power.” Tian Shao was also extremely supportive of Jiang Chen when he spoke of the great selection.

“The Crown Prince means well. Since this is the case, I will put on a thick skin and ask for anything I need.”

Tian Shao was even happier when he heard Jiang Chen’s words. He was worried that Jiang Chen would regard them as outsiders.

“Young master Chen, I believe that you will emerge from the masses this time and you will become the most accomplished genius in the sixteen kingdoms. You will be the subject of everyone’s gaze!” Tian Shao also had utmost confidence in Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “I’ll try my best. Since I’m going to participate, I will naturally bring all my efforts to bear.”

“If it wasn’t for young master Chen, even I would want to participate this time. With young master Chen present, I know that I would have no hope of rising to the top. So I might as well not bother, haha...

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