Chapter 264: Dan Fei Falls in Love

Chapter 264: Dan Fei Falls in Love

“Jiang Chen, you needn’t overthink this. I just wanted to give you a word of advice to thoroughly use this great selection to soar into the skies. You’ve been repressed far too long in a mundane kingdom and the time has come for you to astound them all with one brilliant stroke. However, this great selection is sure to be chaotic and I cannot promise that there will be no one holding malicious intentions towards you. I’m almost certain that you’ll run into much obvious and covert oppression. You’ll have to employ your intelligence then. Once you enter the legacy realm, this old man will have his hands tied even though he wants to be your backer.”

The old tutor did indeed view Jiang Chen with different eyes. He had never before voiced these words to a youngster in all his years.

None of the royal sons of the Skylaurel Kingdom had received such treatment.

Jiang Chen was quick on the uptake and understood the old tutor’s meaning. He nodded and said with gratitude, “I understand the old tutor’s meaning, I will adapt my strategy and momentum according to the...

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